(photo: @theshapersblog)

After a frankly worrying visit to some of Europe's finest glaciers last weekend, we were beginning to wonder whether we were due for another snowfall drought that would make last winter seem like an Alaskan Christmas. With stones in our boots and slush down our backs, we returned to Munich to perform the sacred snow ceremony in which we sacrificed an intern to the snow Gods in return for some fresh tracks.

It worked and after a hasty phone-call to Simon's parents, we checked the webcams, instagrams, facebook posts and even spoke to Lassie, who let us know that there was more white powder than an Columbian holiday.

We've picked out a few highlights of the veritable blizzard of shots we've been subjected to over the last 24 hours. See you on the hill tomorrow!


ABSOLUTELY DUMPING!! In #mayrhofen over a meter of the white stuff in 24 hours and more to come #Oakley #Snowboarding @oakleyeurope

A photo posted by Coco Merz (@coco_merz) on

@coco_merz ABSOLUTELY DUMPING!! In #mayrhofen over a meter of the white stuff in 24 hours and more to come #Oakley #Snowboarding @oakleyeurope

British Snowboard-Cross rider Coco Merz, is currently up at Hintertux on the shape crew. Seems like they've got something to play with now at the least!


@sventhorgren First day in Saas-Fee was nice! Some fresh snow up there photo: @jockehammar

Young Swede ripper/heart-throb has been getting busy in South-West Switzerland. It does seem that Saas-Fee has the second largest population of Scandinavians outside of Scandinavia at the moment with edits popping up left right and center from the Nordic contigents. Must be something in the water eh?


@tklocker Getting the #shot @head_SNOboards #Product #shoot #photooftheday #winter is on #winter15

Boyz 'n' Toys legend Mr Tom Klocker is renowned for his powder finding prowess based on his sick season edit from last year, which is generally agreed upon as being one of the worst winters in memory. Get some Tom!


The Austrian resort of Kitzbühel wacked this up on their Facebook page yesterday. Seems like they're taking advantage of the early snowfall. Makes you want to work in a resort eh?


@cilkasadar: @hitschhaller not letting methods die |@burtonsnowboards #powpowpow

Snowboarding's super couple of Christian Haller and Cilka Sadar have been getting the knowledge with local Bausstrian Mr Werni Stock.


First powder day of the season definitely was not disappointing! Regram from @girosnow

@eric_willett: First powder day of the season definitely was not disappointing! Regram from @girosnow

Eric's been getting busy since arriving in Europe a few days ago. Stacking the footy early this year!


The freestyle and freeride mecca of Sölden has been getting a fair smattering of snow based from information on their Facebook page. With a glacier ripe for ripping, there's some all time lines to be had up there at the moment we reckon.


@wernistock It's pretty deep in Hintertux. A day for the books with @burtonsnowboards crew. #hintertux #powpow #loveit #winterwonderland


The home of Nico Müller, The Burton European Open and one of the finest parks in Europe is getting fresh sprinkling as well. This photo from Laax's Facebook page is actually from two days ago and judging from the weather systems that pushed through yesterday, we'll eat our hats if there isn't a bit more right now.