Published in Onboard Magazine Issue 119, January 2011

Our search for the best shred spots in Europe continued as we visited the Rome Park in Zell am see. And despite the fact that the park is quite young (less than two years old) the dedicated crew have managed to create a little shredorado just a few hundred meters above the world-famous resort town.

Stefan Trenkwalder on the Jib Line, Photo: Danny Burrows


The park’s focus is defi nitely on its many jib features, most of which can be linked into one long park lap. The kickers and the corner are small to medium-sized but always shaped to perfection. This allows for countless hours of fun and a smooth progression of your riding.


The park was only established in early 2009, but it already has a crew of devoted locals. The dedicated on-hill team and their great shaping abilities aside, this is also due to its affi liation with and support from the infamous La Resistance snowboard shop in town. The park itself consists mainly of jib obstacles and a few small to medium sized kickers. It stretches over the entire length of the Hahnkopf T-bar lift, which is great for doing quick park laps. The small corner is good fun, too.

When we visited the Schmittenhöhe resort it had dumped a good 30 cm overnight, and the crew kept ogling the face of the Maurerkogel above the park, which apparently boasts top backcountry lines. Equally tempting is the Kettingalm chalet at the foot of the park, which offers great food and some reasonably priced accommodation.


Schmittenhöhe (939-1,949m)

26 lifts, 77km slopes

1 snowpark (Rome Park Schmittenhöhe)




Kicker (5m table)

2 x funbox (6m table)

2 x funbox (4m table)

Corner (20m)

Kicker (10m table)

Kicker (14m table)


Stair setup

12m down-fl at-down rail

6m handrail

8m kink box

Down box

5m rainbow box

8m A-frame


6m butter box

Picnic tables

Jib barrel



From Vienna: Vienna B 227 - A1 - St. Pölten - Salzburg A 1/E 55 - Reichenhall A 8 - Steinpass B 312 - Unken - Zell am See B 311

From Munich: Munich A8 - Interchange Inntal A8 - Traunstein B 306 - Exit Siegsdorf - Steinpass B 312 - Unken - Zell am See B 311


From Vienna: Vienna - Linz - Salzburg - Bischofshofen - Zell am See

From Munich: Rosenheim - Wörgl - Kitzbühel – Zell am See


Closest airports are Salzburg, Munich, Innsbruck