Published in Onboard Magazine Issue 117, November 2010

In our constant search for the premier shred spots in europe we went to visit the dC area 43 in Kitzbühel. Since we were told the park catered for all riding abilities we talked ethan Morgan and Marco Smolla into coming along for the ride. None of us regretted going there. read on for the lowdown on this great park...

One hell of a setup. Photo: Roland Haschka


A great park for stepping up your jib and kicker game. Countless features in a long park allow for hammering down your perfect line. Mellow booters and hip for your pro friends.


Let’s do away with some confusion straight off the bat. There are actually two DC Area 43s in Kitzbühel, one each on the Northern and Southern side of the resort. While the small but fun Northern park is catered towards intermediate riders, the Southern park – actually closer to Mittersill than Kitzbühel – is where you should really focus your freestyle mojo. It boasts a huge variety of small kickers and jib features, a massive down rail, some boxes and picnic tables, and a pro line including a decent tabletop booter and a great hip feature. An all new park section is in the pipes as well, but the QParks crew told us to keep this information ‘top secret.’ To get to this shredorado just take the gondola from Mittersill, traverse to the Hanglalm lift and you’re there! For the sake of completeness we should add that on powder days the resort offers a wealth of backcountry runs – ranging from easy tree lines to some gnarlatronic cliff drops.

Captain Morgan consults the charts. Photo: Sami Tuoriniemi


Kitzbühel (800-2,000m)

53 lifts, 170km slopes

2 snowparks (DC Area 43 North + South)

DC Area 43 South

Backside Rodeo 7 with some proper tail poke from Ethan Morgan. Photo: Sami Tuoriniemi


Beginner line: 3 kickers (2m - 4m)

Intermediate line: 3 kickers (5m - 7m)

Pro line: 3 kickers (8m - 11m)

2 additional kickers (2m and 3m)

Morgan presses one out on the down bar. Photo: Sami Tuoriniemi


11m downrail


- Up-tree

- Up-down tree

- picnic tree

- tree jib

- curved tree

- 2 picnic tables

- chill area


DC Rookie Contest

Sick Trick Tour



From Vienna: Westautobahn

towards Salzburg – Zell am See –

Mittersill (430 km)

From Munich: Autobahn towards

Kufstein – St. Johann/Tirol –

Kitzbühel – Pass Thurn – Mittersill

(170 km)


From Vienna: Westbahnstrecke

Wien - Linz - Salzburg - Bischofshofen

- Zell am See; Local train

to Mittersill

From Munich: Rosenheim - Wörgl

- Kitzbühel – Take the bus for

Mittersill over Thurn pass


Closest airports are Salzburg,

München, Innsbruck


Smolla sends an air to fakie on the hip. Photo: Sami Tuoriniemi


- Rainbow box 6m

- Straight box 6 m

- Up-down box 6m

- 2 Butter boxes small

- 2 butter boxes large

- Kinked Box 11m