top full parts 2013 2

So you think you've had a good year do you? Achieved everything you wanted to? Kept up your new year's resolution for more than a month? Well, good on you!

Unfortunately - nobody is following you round with a camera (as far as we know...) and documenting your charitable behaviour. But they ARE following these guys - sick riders who've done so good in the last year or two that they've made it into the top 10 full parts released online this year.

Voted for using the utilitarian method of page-views = votes. These are the full parts you've clicked on most in the last 12 months - and we've got to say, you've got great taste:

[part title="Elias Elhardt - Distorted Reality"][splitpost intro="true" order="reverse" numbers="true"]

A late entry to the race - who knows where this part would have ranked if it had more than a week or two to work on its ratings.

It's packed full of floaty 180s and has Elias throwing huge front 1080s, This part was one of the highlights at the Distorted Reality premiere - and comfortably fit into OUR top parts of the year then, we're stoked that you felt the same way about its online release.

[part title="Joe Sexton - Videograss"]

There's some next level jibbing in this Videograss full part - and Joe has come a super long way from when he was a baggy pant wearing G in Technine’s ‘State of Mind’. Style and technicality by the bucket load - surprisingly this is one of only a few out and out street parts to make the cut of this Top 10- but what a part it is!

Once you’re done picking your jaw up off the floor you can go grab a full copy of ‘The Last Ones’ at the Videograss shop or on iTunes.

[part title="Emilien Badoux - The Search Is Everything"]

This is one hell of a hardcore freeride edit from Emilien Badoux! And it's built on the amazing season he had last year - never-ending freshies, combined with this much raw talent is pretty much the equivalent of striking gold.

From his home base in Swiss Wallis and on the road Emilien had his eyes open for the best spots to make the most the season, and the result is ridiculously good - here's what the man himself had to say:

Live The Search is to be in search of perfection, that perfect feeling or drawing the perfect line. There may be no need to travel too far, as the perfect spot could be home, the place you know best, and you can guarantee that you will shred it apart.‘ – Emilien Badoux

[part title="Halldor Helgasson - Never Not"]

There really isn’t much to say about Halldor Helgason that hasn’t been said before. He hails from a relatively obscure little island in the Atlantic and today is one of the most adorned riders in snowboarding, thanks in part to his incredible snowboard talent and in part to his larger than life personality and positive attitude.

His re-edited full part from Never Not has some seriously sick snowboarding in it - from the steep as hell down flat down opener right through to the mind-bending double roof gap ender, it’s safe to say that there’s some next level shit right here.

You all loved it the first time round - so take a minute and hit play once again.

[part title="Mark McMorris Full Part 2013"]

Mark's full part from Burton's Resort [Snowboarding] is about as rammed full of hammers as his trophy case must be with silverwear. And, Burton's summary of the young Canuck is about as fitting as anything we could think of:

‘If Mark McMorris‘ stacked portfolio of podiums, Winter X Games Medals, and triples corks wasn’t enough proof that this kid rips, well then check out his full part from this year. From the looks of it, he’s only getting warmed up to head over to that big event happening in Russia later this season.’

Needless to say we'll be watching attentively - and you probably should too!

[part title="Scotty Vine Full Part iii"]

Scotty’s parts always bring something new and unique to the table and the SoCal kid is a master of one-foot shredding. His part last year had one-footed boardslides through double kink rails and then this year, he stepped up another level!

Other than the one-foot stuff, this edit packs a bunch more tricks that really show off Scotty’s creativity and board control – be it tree taps, interesting re-directs and a unique take on some pretty unusual features.

All together it makes for a super-fun edit to watch and really builds up to that ender - what a nutter!

[part title="Martin Kalliola Full Part 2013"]

We featured Martin Kalliola's part earlier this year alongside an interview with the man himself from Issue 139. And for an up and coming rider - it went down a storm.

Not that we're surprised in the slightest! The young Finn thrives as an all round rider - taking his talent to contests as well as putting down plenty of hammers on film (you might remember he had a slot in the Pirates movie the season before last...).

Comps, edits or both, we're definitely looking forward to a lot more from Martin in the future!

[part title="Red Gerard Full Part 2013"]

Jeez, 12 year old Red Gerard is a boss! Undoubtedly one of the future faces of park snowboarding, he's been building a sterling reputation recently with not only this full part, but also some stonking footage in Burton's Resort [Snowboarding] edit.

No doubt you were as astonished as us to see this much talent from such a young grom - and we can see why this edit made it into the top three this year. Surely Red could be a challenger for the top spot if he carries on like this!

[part title="Jake Blauvelt - Naturally"]

Jake Blauvelt has come a super long way since he was a contest rider from the east coast. Today, he’s one of the most respected backcountry freestyle riders in the game, having ditched icy park booters to focus on sending it on natural features and painting the mountain with his snowboard.

His two year project Naturally is one of the must-see movies of the season so no surprise the main man's full part is of a damn high caliber. Epic soul surfing, technical tricks, heavy big mountain lines, this part has something for everyone. We guarantee it'll get you frothing for balls-deep powder this winter.

If you’d like to see more, you can also download the full Naturally movie at the iTunes store.

[part title="Scott Stevens - Union Bindings The Dividend"]

Here we are! Top Full Part of 2013 Goes to MR. Scott Stevens!

'Ol Sleepy is one of the most creative snowboarders in the world. Period. And you'd have a tough fight on your hands to argue against this part as the best of 2013!

Pulled together for Union bindings - the Dividend features Scott hitting up the parks and streets on his snowboard AND skateboard, and it's just too good!

There are very few snowboarders out there that entertain like Scott Stevens does. Whether it be pulling tailblocks in unusual locations, busting out ridiculous one foots or his equally creative skateboarding, you can always count on Scott to do something you don’t expect.

This whole damn thing is pure gold if you ask us but if we had to pick out a few highlights here we’d go with that stoney baloney 540, that weird trick where he slides on his back before popping back to his feet via his head, and that ender which we had to watch back at least three times to figure out what was going on.

So damn sick.