This week the Machine heads back to the early 80s, piloted by our Photo Ed this time, to bring back perhaps one of the earliest snowboard clips out there. Ted Shred - aka the Shred Baron - razzes his way through Monashee pow and buzzes skitards. This is AWESOME.

We'd like to track this dude down and find out what he's up to now. In fact, we might just have to do that for the print mag, but one thing's for sure, this Ted Shred/The Shred Baron/Blake Barrymore fella killed it back in the early 80s on one of the first Burton Snowboards.

The speed he gets up to on what's essentially a sledge with straps and a string is pretty sick, but when it comes time to buzz some powder 8-ing skiers... well, that's when things get proper awesome. The sound effects are just priceless...