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Markus has been quietly getting on with the business of becoming one of our favourite park riders to watch the past season. His recent MarMor edit from Dombås will show you why, as will this spot of backyard minishred.

This Swedish meatball is sicker than Surströmming, and is one of the most creative riders hailing from our side of the pond. Sweden's version of Scott Stevens? His one-foot game is certainly on point.

Niels plays the game by his own rules, and when these are applied the game tends to look epic. In spring he linked up with Forest Bailey and Max Tokunaga for another instalment of the Frontside, Backside edits, and this was a mere taster of the gold dust within.

The big Swissman has been dropping a succession of solid mini-edit Grams under the 'Gentle Giant' moniker, and this is most recent. Powder is rad. Night riding is rad. So night riding in pow is logically double-rad.

Front 3s are one of the sickest tricks around, so seeing Klaudia pull a flawless one over a Stubai monster had us rubbing our thighs in approval.

The Nine Knights hip session in 2016 remains one of the most bonkers displays of high-consequence snowboarding we've ever witnessed live. Werni recently posted this throwback shot of him and Simon Gruber double-teaming the beast, going so big that - to this day - it still looks photoshopped. It wasn't.

If you needed further proof that Arthur is a freak of nature after SHE and SHE2, then you're mad but Ok whatever. Get this Kitzsteinhorn trannie transfer in your face marbles.

The DWD crew posted this wee reminder that the 2018 Holy Bowly is imminent. And after this post cast our minds back to the radness of last year's edition, we cannot wait.

Banked slaloms are great tend to be filled with the true spirit of snowboarding, but we've never seen such a flagrant display of cheating as this by Flo. He missed a whole turn!

We'll sign off with this dash of madness from Bonus. The man's in that elite club of riders who have more board control with just one foot strapped in than most do with two...