Behold, our weekly round-up of the greatest hits on Instagram over the past seven days. Hit these cats with a Follow, yo! And get involved and shout out your own hyper-hypers below…


Yeah so Riks basically just won Instagram with this. Ingemar's legendary backside air in all its glory...

Fridtjof Tischendorf

Any arguments that Fridge is one of the funnest riders on the planet to watch can be ended with his season edit. The boy even has a logo now!

Eero Ettala

He might be getting on a bit but holy hot damn can Eero still throw an epic Method.

Max Zebe

Seems everyone who's not us is ripping up pre-season pow right now. Despite our aged cynicism and jealousy, we can't help but be stoked for Max here.

Thomas Feurstein

Fuego's unstrapping game is LIT yo.

Roope Tonteri

Roope swiped himself one of those fancy new GoPro Fusion cameras in Stubai and gave us a glimpse into the future...

Sani Alibabic

Poor Sani's pre-season looks minging. We're worried about him.

Gnu Snowboards

Quite possibly the edit of the week gets a teasing from the crew at Mt Weird.

Onboard Mag

Finally for this week, one from our good selves. We had so much fun shooting the latest instalment of Slice 'n' Dice that we're gonna give it another plug here...