Our weekly round-up of the greatest hits on Instagram over the past 7 days. Hit these cats with a Follow, yo! And get involved and shout out your own hyper-hypers below…

Markku Koski


In his long history of pro snowboarding, Markku Koski's pretty much done it all. Olympic medals, countless contest podiums, all-terrain video parts with the best in the game and all with his epic style. Here's his style on show in a quick front 1 POKER.

Lorenz Holder


Lorenz is one of the finest snappers of his generation. Definitely worth hitting him with a follow for a regular dose of quality eye candy, like this frankly INSANE switch Method of Sam Taxwood.

Bad Plans


The Bad Plans boys have a new street movie cooking, and judging by their Insta leak it's gonna be flambé!

Jaeger Bailey


Banging left-field jib right here from ya boy Jaeger.

Nicolas Müller


You can't teach this. Nico Müller proving why he's undisputedly one of the greatest of all time.

Jesse Augustinus


Postland's new movie dropped last week and Yung Bae Jesse has a storming part in it. Here's a teaser of his shots...

Chickenmeat Unlimited


These fine dudes gave Sami Luhtanen's frankly bonkers waterpark adventures a rebate, and for that we are most thankful.

Mikkel Bang


One hell of a straightline right there from the Bangmeister General.

Vlad Khardarian


A buncha folk have been getting all ultra off the Prime Park Sessions' big bertha. But Vlad didn't just turn it up to 11... he went all the way to 1800.

Arthur Longo


Watching pros rip up resorts how you'd like think you do is so sick. Longo, Gittler, Keller and Nico getting busy at Kitzsteinhorn is a joy to behold.

Torgeir Bergrem


There's triples, and then there's TRIPLES. We know which one we prefer. Nice job, boys!