Our round-up of the past week’s greatest Grams. Get involved and shout out your own hyper-hypers below…

Yet more fire from Saas Fee in this week's Instagram highlights reel – including a fucking BANGER from Torgeir Bergrem - plus some other goodness from the Gs of the Gram.

Here’s what had us pumped…

Torgeir Bergrem


Your new favourite trick courtesy of Norse god Torgeir Bergrem. We'd tap this way more than twice if we could.

Sparrow Knox


We coulda picked any one of the Vans Euro blokes - who all Grammed this teaser for the rad-looking Vans First Layer Russia edit that drops next Monday - but we went with Sparrow coz he's part of the Crouch End Massive. And was first.

Scott Stevens


The man known as Sleepy is still blowing minds with his creative wizardry. This latest entry to his long list of one-footers is predictably bonkers.



Swiss store Doodah sent team riders Lucase Baume, Max Buri and Leo Eigensatz to surf the slushy Cali parks. Miraculously they managed to not only not blow all their money on weed and beer, they also pumped out one of the funnest park edits of recent times. This was their Insta tease for it.

Toni Kerkelä


Toni Kerkelä went full beast mode as he attacked Riksgränsen's rocks. So sick.

Dinosaurs Will Die


DWD rider Eirik Nesse has damned good hair, but his snowboarding is even better. An even better haircare product ad than Mark Sollors' at the start of that Burton movie.

Sven Thorgren


As a wise fella commented the other day: "I remember when pre-season was just for warming up." Here's Sven, dusting off the cobwebs... ***insert scared-looking 'scream' emoji***

Brage Richenberg


One of those you don't really want to double tap, unless double tapping meant 'Oooof!' ***sadface*** Brage feels the wrath of the winch right here...

Curtis Ciszek


Curtis throws faceshots for all his dogs.

The Stomping Grounds Park


How to make a quad cork 1800 look like no big deal by Chris Corning.

Victor De Le Rue


Ever done a 100m-long powder turn at Mach 10? Victor has. Wallop!

Aaaand that’s what we were feeling on the Gram this week. How about you guys? What were you hyped on? What did we miss?