spring shred drinking game

Spring Shred is on its way, and whether you're out on the mountain or watching from your armchair, there's going to be the usual flood of progressive jibbing, high temperatures and good times...

Of course, this will inevitably be accompanied by the odd drink or two - and, without promoting alcoholism/binge drinking, we thought we'd devise a bit a of a game to go with the festivities. There's definitely some reoccurring themes in spring riding - and we recon you're pretty likely to see some of these lot in the next couple of months...

So play along (or don't) and most importantly, make sure you still get out there and enjoy the shred!

[part title="1-4"]

1. Every time you see a Bucket Hat - shotgun a lager or drink something British.

bucket hat windells

2. Every time you see an unknown grom ripping - make an alcohol-free cocktail and give it to your gran.

RedGerardhome cocktail

3. Every time someone jumps off a cliff into a river... do a shot of Get 27 - minty, and as fresh as the mountain stream...

get 27

4. Every time someone you see an NBD... make up your own drink.

mike rav drinks

[part title="5-8"]

5. Every time someone tries an erection plant, do a keg stand

bode merrill erection plant keg

6. Every time there's a Chinese downhill/flat out race... join in/join in with beer...

chinese downhill

7. Every time someone fucks up their base on a rock... pour a sip on the ground for fallen homies.


8. Every time someone does a pond skim... snort a line of sherbert and take a shot from someone's bellybutton.

mat galina drinks

[part title="9-12"]

9. Every time someone flips onto a rail... spin while you drink.

bode rodeo to rail

10. Every time a crew do a skit... drink a finger for every reference joke/drink twice if you don't get it...

Remember this one?

11. Every time you hear a cheesy 80s tune... sing along while you drink

neon drinks

12. Every time a pro makes a guest appearance - stop what you're doing and pay tribute...

wayne's world gif

Got suggestions? Drop them in the comments!