Our round-up of the past week's greatest Grams. Get involved and shout out your own hyper-hypers below...

With pre-season, err, season kicking in it's perhaps unsurprising that a bunch of this week's Instagram highlights have been dropping from the early bird Euro spots – there's some FIRE been going down in Hintertux and Saas Fee the past fortnight – but there were naturally some dope shots from further afield too.

Here's what had us pumped...

Rene Rinnekangas


Young Finnish Rome ripper had our jaws dropping with this slinky nose butter through the whoops. Woop!

Marcus Kleveland


Every time Marcus drops something it's generally mind-blowing. This "backside 180" is a back 1, but it's not of this planet...

Lib Tech


As well as near-real time updates, the Gram is also great for mining the archives. Lib stoked us out by dropping this classic Tim Zimmerman sequence of Travis Rice closing out That's It, That's All.

Flo Corzelius


Flo threw this ode to Torstein Horgmo up on Hintertux the other day and we made many clapping hands emojis.

Nik Baden


Nik claims he was trying to channel his inner Kevin Backstrom here in Saas Fee. We reckon he smashed it, as does KB.

Måns Hedberg


This Swedish G is finally back on his board after breaking his neck last spring. As well as getting back on the horse he was also in the epic Horsefeathers China edit, and dropped this mouthwatering wee taster.

Lobster Snowboards


Oh, how we LOLed at one of the best product promos ever filmed. Run, Halldor! Run!

Halldor Helgason


Thank you for keeping it Fast and Dangerous, Halldor. KING!

Sebbe de Buck


Sebbe has such insane style. And that's before you realise he's a giant and has to reach down almost half a kilometre to lock onto those übertweaked grabs of his.

Deeluxe Boots


Ok, so it's a regram of one of our own Instagram posts, but we'll take any chance we can get to put Theo Acworth's creamy layback back out there again.

That's what we were feeling on the Gram this week. How about you guys? What were you hyped on? What did we miss?