After dabbling in the admittedly terrible Buzzfeed GIF format for 'Signs You Might Be A Competition Jock', we thought it was unfair to single out one 'type' of rider - so we've followed it up with this. MAD HITZ and a million shares here we come.

The term 'soul surfer' gets thrown around a lot these days - but we've never actually seen a dictionary definition that tells us what one is. Of course it could just be one of those phrases that people use as a convenient way of bundling other people into one group - but just incase, we've put together these signs. If you're ticking all these boxes, then a soul surfer you may well be...

1. You're far too down with nature to take a lift up the hill.

climbing soul surfer

2. If Muller had a radio show you'd tune in every day

muller never not soul surfer

3. You'd happily spend 4 hours hiking up a mountain for a 10 second run down it

jones hiking soul surfer

4. ...and when it comes to aerials, you spin about as much as a barn door

bs 180 soul surfer

5. You stay up the hill long enough to watch a deep, emotional sunset over the mountains

sunset soul surfer

6. and you're waaay into sourcing eco friendly wood.

eco tree soul surfer

7. Rooster tails are your bread and butter

rooster tail soul surfer

8. And at least one of your crew has a solid beard.

eric jackson beard soul surfer

9. You and the Yeti are bros

bigfoot:yeti soul surfer

10. But your cameraman is your real BFF

tadashi bros soul surfer

11. And even though those winters can get awful lonely...

10. You're only looking for one kind of faceshot...

dcp faceshot soul surfer

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