So, even though we know that Buzzfeed is the lowest rung on the ladder when it comes to internet journalism, we thought we'd do a bad, bad thing and try our hand at copying them. After all, it'll get us MAD HITZ right?!

We've put together this set of gifs, which also doubles up as a list of things that competition riders may (or may not) be guilty of. We don't like to throw labels around but if you tick ALL of these boxes it's quite possible you could be a 'competition jock'. Jeez, it's like a frickin' high school in here...

1. You're never out of the snow park

park gif

2. You scoff at the idea of hitting small/medium park features

3. Anyone who can't keep up with your laps is just holding you back


4. You know exactly what trick you want to get down next (and you've probably watched every instructional youtube vid under the sun)

cat watching lion king

5. You know your local park shaper's playlist back to front


6. You think the main purpose of ski-doos is to skip lift lines

7. You take a packed lunch in your backpack (which you leave at the bottom of the park) because you're NOT LEAVING THE PARK ALL DAY.

penguin backpack

8. You don't need to pack tools - heck, you probably don't own any...

monkey tools

ski school 2

10. 9 times out of 10 you jump straight back on the drag lift after the pro kickers

moving train the office

11. You've got a special playlist of heavy dub/metal to 'get you in the zone' before you drop in for your run


12. You're rocking matching outerwear

tosho yanev

13. You probably don't have a beard...

beardless gif

14. You train when you're off the mountain. You might even have a gym pass.

This is you:

gym terry crews 2

And this is everyone else:

treadmill gif

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