Shaun White announced on his Facebook page yesterday that he's taking a 'career change' to focus on his music. [splitpost intro="true"]

While it's by no means a clear-cut statement that he won't be snowboarding and skating anymore, we do feel like this probably does mark the end of Shaun's seemingly relentless drive on the competitive side of snowboarding.

After only managing fourth place at the recent Olympics in Sochi (an event that Shaun had outwardly been pouring everything he had into), we have to admit that we kind of saw this coming.


Nevertheless, his band, Bad Things have been enjoying a decent level of success this past year, headlining lollapalooza and playing some other high profile shows, and it's been clear that Shaun has been getting genuine enjoyment from it all - something that sadly, may or may not have been the case with his snowboarding over the past few years.

Of course, Shaun will still be around now that he's bought the Air & Style and we're sure the Sochi pipe final won't be the last time we see him ride his snowboard. We wish Shaun all the best in his new endeavors and love him or hate him, his legacy on a snowboard will remain engrained in the history books.

What do you think of Shaun's decision?

While we're on the topic of careers changes, here are 5 more snowboarders who left snowboarding behind to pursue other things - from poker, to preaching. Click though to check them out, some of them might surprise you:

[part title="Ingemar Backman - Professional Poker Player"]

Ingemar Backman's backside air in Riksgransen way back in 1996 will always remain one of snowboarding's defining moments. Ingemar received worldwide acclaim, rode in the 1998 Winter Olympics and co-founded the brand WeSC before switching his focus to of all things - poker!

Currently, Ingemar is playing poker professionally and if he's been bossing it anything like how he was on a snowboard, he's probably doing pretty well for himself...

Screen Shot 2014-03-28 at 11.08.09 AM

[part title="Travis Parker - Sushi Chef"]

Travis Parker is one of the most interesting personalities to have ever strapped in. His riding speaks for itself, as did his refreshing approach to professional snowboarding.

Travis featured in the incredible Robot Food trilogy, and in 2009, vowed to ride switch for the entire season before dropping most of his sponsors to train as a sushi chef. Like a boss.

Travis worked rolling sushi at Kalani's restaurant for a while in Tahoe and also founded a chip dip company called Cilantro Dressing or Dip - a delicious sounding sauce based on his grandfather's recipe.

Of course, Travis still snowboards and is the co-founder of the super sick company Airblaster.

Screen Shot 2014-03-28 at 12.38.20 PM

[part title="Jim Rippey - Pastor"]

Today, Jim answers to higher forces, acting as a pastor at Grace Church in Reno - quite a career change from his adrenaline fueled past eh?

[part title="Jeff Brushie - Estate Agent (kinda)"]

Jeff Brushie was a proper legend back in the day, joining Burton's ranks alongside pioneers like Craig Kelly and Terje Haakonsen and helped to define the sport of freestyle snowboarding as we know it. After he retired from professional snowboarding, Jeff got pretty involved in the property market, investing in houses and building new property to sell on. As you do.

[part title="MFM - Life Coach"]

MFM is one of snowboarding's original gangstas. Marc Frank is famous for spraying skiers, floating no-grab backside 180s and generally being a boss. These days though, MFM has branched out into other pursuits, most notably as a internet self-help guru.

Head over to his website to check out some rather misleading nuggets of internet advice on topics such as "How to make money like a BOSS" and "WARNING! Do not eat cheap and healthy if you’re allergic to wealth!". You'll also be able to pick up his series of instructional dvd's, although we'll be sticking to his parts in Back In Black and Optimistic thank you very much...