A collection of some of our favourite full parts from the 2013/2014 season. Have you seen all of these? [splitpost intro="true"]

With Summer fast approaching, it's now safe to say that for the Northern hemisphere at least (and barring the summer camps and glaciers that remain open), the winter season that was 2013/2014 is a wrap.

After our 'Top 15 Instagrams' post, we thought it would be a great time to round up some of our favourite full parts that have dropped this winter.

Just to set the record straight: this is by no means an exhaustive list, and is limited to parts that have been released online, but should be a good editorial snapshot of a few of the full parts that grabbed us in one way or another this winter.

So, in no particular order...

[part title="Frank April in 'Deja Vu'"]

The Deja Vu movie brought back together 8 French Canadian guys who all cut their teeth filming street rails in Quebec but had since drifted apart again along their individual snowboarding careers. It was easily the standout urban movie of the 2014 season.

Frank April's part was a definite eye-opener, combining big burly tricks with some mind-bending tech. Look out for the extra-crazy toeside slide down the angled roof thingy.

[part title="DBK and Stephan Maurer in 'A Way We Go'"]

Sadly, for various different reasons, there will be no isenseven movie this fall. That said, there's no stopping you from enjoying their past movies and their latest one, 'A Way We Go' was quite simply, a masterpiece.

DBK and Stephan Maurer's part, with their duel powder slashing and stunting was a standout in the movie, and is guaranteed to put a massive grin on your face.

[part title="Jed Anderson in 'Never Not'"]

Jed Anderson is a man that needs no introduction and his part in Nike's seminal team movie Never Not was next level in every way.

Amazing style, skate influenced multi-hit lines in the streets, mind blowing switch tricks, a classic tune and even some pow bangers, all combined to make this a part for the ages. It's gonna be a tough one for Jed to top!

[part title="Jake Blauvelt in 'Naturally'"]

'Naturally' was undoubtedly the powder flick of the season. Jake Blauvelt was the flag-bearer of the project and his re-edited part featuring all of his best shots is a great sample of what the full film has to offer.

It's a beautifully shot part with plenty of turns, powder buttering and natural features and has well and truly cemented Blauvelt as one of the best in the game when in comes to interpreting and riding natural backcountry terrain.

[part title="Seb Toots' Urban Part"]

If snow-jitsu was a legit martial art, Seb Toots would be a black belt.

After crushing it on the competition circuit, Seb spent a couple of weeks filming street rails back in Quebec, and the resulting edit is pretty damn insane.

Despite receiving a fair bit of stick for riding with 'a lack of style', staging a (lets face it) pretty cheesy intro, and over-using the slow-mo button, the actual riding in this is pretty damn impressive.

[part title="Nicolas Müller in 'Never Not'"]

Nicolas. Müller. Full. Part. Never. Not. What more do you need to know? The dude just has so much control over his snowboard it’s phenomenal and pretty much everything he does – from simply turning to gapping one hell of a yawning mountain maw at the end – is full-on horn-inducing. This is a part for the ages.

[part title="Joe Sexton in 'The Last Ones'"]

Look out for a ridiculous switch boardslide through a serious kink rail, a crazy back lip pretzel and one heck of a front board pretzel ender in his latest Videograss part. It's a banger for sure.

[part title="Forest Bailey in 'Nation'"]

Forest has such a unique way of hitting features and his riding is incredibly refreshing to watch. It’s super technical, high consequence stuff, and all executed with a style that has often been imitated but will probably never be replicated.

His full part in Transworld's 'Nation' was good enough to be the ender and it's not difficult to see why.

[part title="Iikka Backstrom's Get Outta Town Part"]

When it comes to hucking off massive stepdowns and floating efortless no grab front 3s, Iikka Backstrom is more than qualified. He’s one of the stalwarts of the DC global team and his been quietly doing his thing for years now.

His full part from the Get Outta town series dropped back in December and is absolutely essential viewing for anyone down with big, progressive and most importantly, stylish, freestyle snowboarding.

[part title="Dillon Ojo in 'Bangarang'"]

We hadn't really heard of Dillon Ojo before this season, but the young kid from Quebec, known by his peers as 'Le Black', has got something very special. Just take a look at his part in Nowamean's Bangarang and you'll see what we mean: super technical, heavy tricks on street rails that would strike fear into the hearts of even the hardiest metal munchers.

[part title="Xavier de le Rue in 'Nation'"]

Xavier de le Rue is a special kind of snowboarder in the sense that there are very few in the world who would tackle the same scale and intensity of big mountain lines that he does.

His full part in 'Nation' sums it up well, showcasing the snowboarding on the insanely steep faces that make up a winter in the life of XDR. It's a totally different side of snowboarding, but one that should by no means be overlooked. This is some seriously gnarly shit.

[part title="Scott Stevens in 'The Last Ones'"]

Check it out if you missed it for a tonne of WTF? moments and an all-round ultra-memorable part from one of the most creative dudes to have ever strapped in.

[part title="Elias Elhardt in 'Distorted Reality'"]

Elias Elhardt's part in Pirate Movie Production's 'Distorted Reality' was easily one of our favourite backcountry parts of the season, blending his incredible flow with huge tricks and a sense of fun. It also contains some of the biggest frontside 180 and cab 180s we've ever seen go down in the backcountry...

This one's been on repeat this season in the Onboard office and we're hyped to see what the German snowboarder will bring to the table in 14/15. Rumour has it he had one of his best winters ever...

[part title="Halldor Helgason in 'Never Not'"]

Watching Halldor Helgason's full part in Nike's Never Not for the first time was like jumping out of an airplane on crack.

Halldor destroys everything his snowboard touches, whether it be harsh as hell kink rails, powder kickers or park booters and this full part helped to define his position as one of the most influential riders of his generation.

And we can't not mention that ender. Who else would have a screw loose enough to backflip between two massive buildings, in a neck brace? The only thing possibly missing was his jerk-off variation, but at least it leaves something for next season's part.

Halldor, we salute you sir.

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