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But while it's all very good comparing contemporary riders - we haven't seen it put to the public on who would win across the ages.... Enter Onboard's Retro Snow: 8 classic parts going head to head until one, and only one, is victorious.

We've taken a small selection of the classic parts available online and drawn them out of a hat for what promise to be fully epic face-offs - cutting down the numbers through the rounds each week until we get to our final battle. And don't worry if your ideal match-up isn't in here - there could well be future bouts to come (... slightly subject to how many parts we can get online).

Here's the schedule so far:

OPENING ROUND (January 11-17)

SECOND ROUND (January 18-24)

FINALS (January 25-February 1)

Click through to see each part and vote for your favourite (you can vote on each match-up once a day).

[part title="MFM - Back In Black vs. Eero Ettala - White Balance"]

MFM, Back In Black (2003)

Style for days and a tongue in cheek Kool G - Thug for Life mime in front of his own shining lights. MFM killed it in Back In Black proving you don't need spins (or even grabs) to be a gangsta (1.22).

Eero Ettala, White Balance (2003)

Thirty seconds of face-pulling and two and a half minutes that helped put Eero on the map - ten years later and he's still a boss.

[part title="J.P Walker - The Resistance vs. Jamie Lynn - TB2"]

JP Walker, The Resistance (2000)

A legendary part from the infamous Forum 8 team - this has got to be in a fair few people's favourite parts of all time.

Jamie Lynn, TB2 (1993)

Snowboarding royalty in the house! Jamie Lynn is iconic and so is his TB2 part. Jamie set his own pace, and this features one of the first cab 9s put down on film amongst a ton of other bangers - apologies for the image crop in the video rip...

[part title="Devun Walsh - The Resistance vs. Jussi Oksanen - Afterbang"]

Devun Walsh, The Resistance (2000)

Did you know that Devun filmed his part in just SIX DAYS RIDING...? We're still getting over it - what have you done this week?

Jussi Oksanen, Afterbang (2002)

If you've ever buttered into tricks, and didn't know it already - you owe those to Jussi... His Afterbang part, complete with New Wave sound track, helped put him on the map - ripping!

[part title="Johan Olofsson - TB5 vs. Terje Haakonsen - TB2"]

Johan Olofsson, TB5 (1995)

Featuring surely one of the most beautifully flowing pieces of snowboarding ever - Johan Olofsson's TB5 part helped to bring together the worlds of all-mountain and freestyle. And that line... OH that line...

Terje Haakonsen, TB2 (1993)

We dare you to watch this and not have everything that you love about snowboarding come rushing back to you. The prolific Terje here having a hella fun time and showing us what it's all about.