Retro Snow Round 2

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[part title="Eero Ettala - White Balance vs. Jussi Oksanen - Afterbang"]

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Eero Ettala - White Balance (2003)

Thirty seconds of face-pulling and two and a half minutes that helped get Eero's name out there – ten years later and he’s still a boss.

Jussi Oksanen - Afterbang (2003)

If you’ve ever buttered into tricks, and didn’t know it already – you owe those to Jussi… His Afterbang part, complete with New Wave sound track, helped put him on the map – ripping!

[part title="J.P. Walker - The Resistance vs. Terje Haakonsen - TB2"]

J.P Walker - The Resistance (2000)

A legendary part from the infamous Forum 8 team – this has got to be in a fair few people’s favourite parts of all time.

Terje Haakonsen - TB2 (1993)

We dare you to watch this and not have everything that you love about snowboarding come rushing back to you. The prolific Terje here having a hella fun time and showing us what it’s all about.