The fine team over at Boardsportsource just dropped an interview with the man himself Mr Nicolas Müller. Interview with Nico are always a thing to behold, and we've got to say, this one is pretty darned juicy. We've picked out a few of the highlights, but you can read the interview in full here.

So Nicolas, you’re in the middle of making your very own snowboard movie. Shooting for yourself must be great – no tour schedule to stick to?

Yeah totally. I mean I used to enjoy going to places for events, but now I really enjoy just seeing what happens and if I need to go to Canada next week – then I do it. It’s just a nice privilege to be able to do that. But for sure, I’m going to be dedicating all of this season to my film project.

It’s a view of some people in the industry that Nike came into the snowboard market and then left once they realised there wasn’t exponential growth to be had year on year as there is in their other markets such as football, running, tennis etc.

I think that with every company it’s down to the people who run it. The Nike Snowboarding people were just completely awesome – they are snowboarders, but decisions were made higher up and things had to change. But, I wouldn’t say they came into the snowboard industry to take what they could get from it. I think they just realised it wasn’t going to work out for a company of their size. And you know, when I talk to retailers – Nike boots are always sold out, which means they were making great boots! And for me, I still get support from Nike for the next couple of years until the end of my contract.


I’m a snowboarder and I want to be on top of my game and I want to give everything to snowboarding and to the amazing sponsors I have.

And so, what about Burton?

My contract’s coming to an end. So we’ll see what happens there. You know, if ways were to part I could never say it was them, or it was me. For me, I always made sure that nothing would come between me and snowboarding. I’ve always wanted to snowboard for the rest of my life, and so I’ve never done anything too risky. And also, I’m a sustainable guy and I’m looking for a long-term relationship with a brand. But right now, I can’t say what’s going to happen.


What do you think of when you think of snowboarding in 2014/2015?

What I’m planning to do with my film is explain how someone gets a hold of what’s going on in snowboarding. And this has everything to do with social media, websites etc. For example, everything you watch starts with a logo graveyard and everything is so similar. I get bored of this, and I’m the biggest fan of snowboarding. So, how is a normal guy supposed to be attracted to this? We’re going to focus a little more on the content, and how we put across the rad feeling that snowboarding gives us. I want it to be more about the art form, and less about how great people think they are.

Thanks to the Olympics everything has become all about how many likes and hits you can get, I want snowboarding to go back to the art form. Less is more – and for me, this is what I want to focus on.