Of course, that fearlessness doesn't always continue when we unstrap and the night creeps in. When it's dark we can be just as easily scared as anyone else - and the other kind of snow flicks don't help.

It being halloween and all we thought we'd pick out the 'scariest' snow-related characters out there, the horror highlight reel of beasts guaranteed to send a shiver down any snowboarder's spine... ore something along those lines anyway.

Basically, if you're looking for a costume to scare the shit out of your fellow riders, these snow-based monsters should hit the spot:

[part title="An Angry Yeti"]

Yep, we're starting with a classic. We're sure there are films out there where the Yeti is just a misunderstood, over grown, Homer Simpson type character - but not in Snow Beast. The original film from 1977 featured the traditional pissed of Yeti, who'd presumably had just about enough of skiers and chose to exact his vengeance in a series of extravagant killings - nice one Yeti.

n.b. in the crappy 2011 remake of Snow Beast, the Yeti showed that he doesn't discriminate between skiers and snowboarders - just incase you thought you were safe...

[part title="Nazi Zombies"]

This has to be the best 4 minutes of gore we've seen all day. Excessive Nazi Zombie killings from ridiculous Norwegian film Dead Snow, accompanied by Operatic classic 'Time To Say Goodbye' - some things are just made for each other.

To be honest, the idea of any Zombies rising from the mountains is pretty terrifying, let alone Nazi ones - let's just hope if we do ever meet them, we're as well prepared as the guys in this clip.

[part title="Starving Wolves"]

Let's be honest, we all know that we could manage to take down a starving wolf if it came to it. Piste pole in hand, using your deck as a shield, a solo wolf would be no problem, right?

Still, the thought of a pack of these ambushing you when you're stumbling home is less than ideal -and in pop-culture they're a shredders worst nightmare. Think films like Frozen or The Grey - when it comes to surviving the elements in the mountains, they teach us that a wolf is sure to be around to make the job even harder.

There are very few things more scary than that one dude who chooses to spend the coldest, shortest days of the year alone. Something about the winter months surely screams company, big groups and gathering round the fire - and to choose an abandoned shack in the mountains is just plain unnatural.

Case in point is the 'mountain man' from Cold Prey. Obviously staying warm is the least of his problems, as he's more concerned with hunting down Norweigian snowboarders - Torstein, Silje, Stale, Terje, you'd better watch out...

[part title="The Snowshark"]


[part title="Jack Nicholson in the Shining"]

Jack Nicholson as Jack Torrence in The Shining inspired a generation to think very carefully about who they shared a chalet with. Imagine waking up in time for fresh lines, to see this guy hanging over the bunk, knife in hand on a delusional rant - what a way to ruin your holiday.

[part title="The Thing"]

the thing

In John Carpenter's The Thing an alien goes around killing scientists in the Antarctic then assuming their appearances - they don't know who's human and who's not, and it's all very scary.

So if you're really stuck for a halloween costume this year, we reckon you should go as your housemate/sibling/close friend - 'borrow' their clothes and see how many people you can convince that you're the real thing. If you're at a party, you might have to mainly target the ones who have had a few too many - but if you're lucky enough to be going for a shred you can cover most of your face and you might even be able to pull it off...

[part title="Ice Spiders"]

Just like regular spiders but they're frickin huge and live in the mountains... another terrifically terrible mashup based on snow. What will they think of next?

[splitpost intro="true"] [part title="Jack Frost"]

A serial killer dies, and comes back as a snowman - fortunately the locals are armed with hairdryers... no, seriously. This 1997 film is terribly executed, but the concept is still pretty freaky, think an avalanche with brains and you'll get what i mean.