Here at the Onboard office we were recently discussing web edits that stuck out to us in our heads and more than one of us brought up Knife Show. This crew out of Bear Mountain dropped some truly creative edits when they were in their prime 4-6 years ago, with some next level special effects and amazing concepts.

We've pulled together some of our favourite Knife Show edits in this post and each an every one is a gem in it's own right.

First up, take a look at what happens when arcade games meet snowboarding...

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[part title="Gnarcade"]

If Pac Man, Super Mario, Frogger and snowboarding hooked up for a crazy night of hot 8-bit passion, this edit would be the bastard love-child spawned in the residual dust stuck in the bottom of that copy of Mario Kart.

Knifeshow's Gnarcade edit hit all the buttons with an all-star cast including Scott Stevens and Tim Eddy living snowboarding like it's one big game. Portals, golden coins, that Mario soundtrack, it's all here. Epic stuff.

Next up, what if you could ride with clones of yourself?

[part title="Snow Clones"]

Casey Wrightsman, Casey Wrightsman and Casey Wrightsman star in this one, which imagines a world where people can copy themselves. And then snowboard together.

It's pretty well done, although we think we've had enough Casey after sitting through it. Good job he's a good looking chap (#nohomo).

Up next: ever spotted Stabby the Dinosaur? Well, you can't miss him really...

[part title="Giants of Big Bear"]

Stabby the Dinosaur is on the loose in this one from Bear mountain and he's one big kickflipping bastard. Although we do have to say that overall he looks a little less Godzilla and a little more Barney.

Nevertheless, there's a whole bunch of big names in this one like Jed Anderson, Erik Leon and Nick Dirks from basically before they were super well known in snowboarding, so this one's almost worth checking out just for that.

Up next: may the force be with you...

[part title="Gnar Wars"]

And now we're getting into the real classics. As you can maybe gather from the title and screengrab, Gnar Wars is basically what the seventh Star Wars film would look like if Chris Bradshaw kidnapped George Lucas, tied him up in Princess Leia restraints (gold bikini included), shaved his beard and err... forced him to re-write it set at Bear Mountain.

Expect lightsabres, Yoda soundbites, crappy Darth Vadar costumes and all that good shit.

Up next: you've never seen flashnights that looked so, well, flash...

[part title="Magic Flashlights"]

Hey Knife Show, any chance you could hook us up with one of these in return for this post? We'd literally implode with excitement.