This has to be one of the more unusual stories we've come across in the world of snowboarding. Jamie Barrows - the British speed snowboarding record holder, has decided to take an alternative route after picking up a pretty heavy duty injury in preparation for the Sochi winter games this year.

The long time snowboard cross racer was told he'd never be able to ride again after destroying a disc in his back in an accident last year - but after just a few months recovery, he's determined to get back on a board and up to speed.

If you're completely clueless about speed snowboarding check out this video and you'll get the idea:

It's a situation that I'm sure more than a few riders are familiar with - as Jamie said:

I was fed up of doing nothing. I'll be in pain for the rest of my life so I might as well be in pain on the slopes – and I can just about manage the straight speed runs

Jamie barrows

But now, he's not planning just any old speed run... Shortly after breaking the indoor snowboard speed record, Jamie was approached by an inventor who was looking for a volunteer. He wanted help to test a prototype, hand held jet engine that was designed specifically for sports. This month, Jamie plans to take it to a frozen lake at St Moritz to give it a try - and with wind speed up to 250mph coming out of the jet, they're optimistic on how fast they could go.

Now - although we haven't seen the jet in practice on a board - Jamie actually posted this vid of initial tests last year:

Yep, it looks nuts to us too...

And that's not the end of Jamie's plans - he's also set his sights on a idea to be towed by an actual real life aeroplane across a bigger lake - which is surely just a bit too far?

Oh well, good luck to him either way - and props for not letting doctors orders keep you down...

If you want to follow Jamie's progress on Twitter, you can find him @JamieBarrow_GB