visual history of snowboard trends

There's always been fanboys and haters when it comes to clothing, but we've put this visual history together to show that it doesn't matter if you're rocking dayglo or camo - it's probably been done before. Anyway, fly threads won't count for shit if you haven't started linking turns yet...

So stop your internet-debates over Lucas Magoon's trousers - cos to be honest it makes you sound about as girly as we feel writing this - seriously, it's like being stuck in a full blown snow-based Devil Wears Prada:

[part title="1939 - The Original Old-school"]

30s trends full

Back in the 1930s when the first snowboard was patented kids were already rocking flat caps, long before New Era existed - super rad.

[part title="1960s - Happy Families"]

60s trends snurfer

Then there were Christmas jumpers, wooly gloves and mothers shouting 'don't forget your scarf'. To be honest, the first snurfers just looked like they were off sledding...

60s trends ted slater

That was before the cool 60s kids picked it up - you might even call this the original street-wear trend. Check out these National Snurf Champions wearing sunglasses and jeans - and kids these days think they're being original...

60s trends snurf

[part title="1970s - DIY Snow Gear"]

70s trend burton

Enter the big dogs. Pioneers like Jake and Tom realised being cold and wet wasn't cool in the 70s...

70s trends tom sims

With new synthetics on the market, puffa jackets, gilets and even super-tight race-inspired leggings came into play - smooth.

[part title="'It's The 1980s - Deal With It'"]

80s trends damien sanders

Ahh, the 80s. The era that spawned a million bad fancy dress themes. In snowboarding it meant a neon-punk hybrid, headbands and thrift store clothing...

80s trends terry kidwell

The decade was all about attitude - Check out Tom Sims (below) in the power stance rocking what looks like the world's most confused patchwork quilt.

80s trends sims

[part title="1990s - Skate Style"]

80s trends terje

In the early 90s we still had a really bright 80s hangover - with flat caps, snap backs and wayfarers at large...

90s trends noah salasnek

But it wasn't too long before we moved onto the baggy skate gear - pant sizes went up and flannel shirts came out, setting a standard for years to come

90s trends john cardiel

[part title="2000s - We Survived the Millenium Bug, What Next?"]

90s trends gangster jp jeremy

Off the back of the late 90s there was the rise of the super yo-boy look - like this shot of Jeremy Jones and JP Walker - bring back doo rags and big chains we say...

90s trends early

The rest of the early noughties were pretty dull to be honest - cream/khaki red and blue, and everyone was rocking a pair of these:

00s goggles trend

[splitpost intro="true"] forward a few years and everything got SUPER baggy. Check out Jonah Owen and Dylan Thompson in their matching Technine threads (below):

00s trends jonah owen dylan thompson

[part title="2010s - Take Your Pick"]

(Almost) back to the present day and people got really excited about jean style pants a couple of years back:

00s trends jeans

....and we also had the return to bright colours - even Gigi was at it:

10s trends gigi

AND, perhaps most controversially, the turn around from baggy to super-skinny (...LNP patterns optional):

10s trends lnp

Now it's all skate/street style with balaclavas and camo:

10s trends jed, take your pick, rock up in a wetsuit, take a leaf out of Halldor's book and look like a pirate, borrow your mum's clothes - wear whatever the hell you want. If you're ripping, it's all good in our books.*

*you probably shouldn't turn up in a wetsuit or your mum's clothes unless you're seriously killing it...