[splitpost intro="true" numbers="true"]Instagram is a funny old thing isn't it? A visual window into our favourite people's lives via images snapped and uploaded via technology that follows us everywhere we go in our pockets.

We snowboarders are a very visual bunch, and instagram goes hand in hand with building our personal brand identities and bragging to our friends about all the amazing places we get to travel to.

We scoured the depths of the Gram to pick out 15 shots that tickled us in one way or another this winter. From more traditional snowboard shots to images that made us laugh or look twice, see what you make of these 15 images:

[part title="Len Jørgensen (@sirframeface) Heelside Pipe Carve"]

Believe it or not, this amazing shot of Len Jørgensen fully extended on his heelside edge on the frontside wall of the pipe was no fluke. We recently caught up with Len, where he told us that this was a) totally planned and b) rode away from! Boss.

[part title="Xavier de le Rue (@xavierdelerue) Ice Descent"]

Xavier de le Rue has one of the most jaw-dropping instagram accounts in the snowboard world. The man is continually pushing the boundaries of what is possible on a snowboard and when he's not descending icy faces like this one, he's tackling super steep couloirs in Alaska and snowboarding in the Antarctic. This gram was one of our favourites of his this year.

[part title="Spencer O'Brien (@spencerobrien) Back 180 Tail"]

Spencer O'Brien knows that taking it back to basics usually pays off. This sunset backside 180 tailgrab at Ms Superpark is the perfect example: simple, stylish and executed perfectly. If only life was as straight forward eh?

[part title="Marko Grilc (@grilo) Junk Jibbing"]

Marko Grilc is one heck of a prolific grammer. His account is packed with a bunch of sick shots from his various adventures around the globe shooting for his Grilosode web series and we've picked one out from a junk jib session at Absolut Park.

[part title="Nicolas Müller (by @frodesandbech) Moonwalk"]

Pro snowboard photographer Frode Sandbech continued his incredible moonwalk series this season with this breathtaking shot of Nicolas Müller and we whole heartedly approve.

[part title="Elias Elhardt (@eliaselhardt) Method"]

This list would quite simply not be complete without a shot of a method and this one by Elias Elhardt ticks all the boxes. Perfect style and an incredible backdrop - this one got us salivating!

[part title="Ståle Sandbech and Oivind Andersen (by @olavstubberud) Sharing Is Caring"]

Stale Sandbech and Oivind Anderson know that sharing is caring, and squeezed up close together for these dual bluntslides.

[part title="Sage Kotsenburg (@sagekotsenburg) Zak Hale Photobomb"]

Coming off the back of winning gold at Sochi, Sage Kotsenburg is no stranger to being in the spotlight. Some might say he's got so used to it that he'll do anything to get in the shot. Here he is photobombing his mate Zak Hale's selfie Sage style. Spoicy indeed.

[part title="Eiki Helgason (@eikih87) Aurora Shot (by @frodesandbech)"]

We would give anything (well, almost anything) to experience the Northern Lights, and this shot by Frode Sandbech of Eiki Helgason blew our minds. Hell yeah nature!

[part title="Sebastien Toutant (@sebtoots) Ice Wallride"]

Seb Toots can do it all: park, street, ice wallrides, you name it. We thought this shot from Whistler was pretty rad so consider it added to this list!

[part title="Tom Klocker (by @flojaeger) Pow Spray"]

This shot is currently the most liked photo on our Instagram account EVER, and it's pretty easy to see why. There are very few feelings in the world that top this one and Tom Klocker knows it.

[part title="Scotty Lago (@scottylago) Snaking the US Open Pipe"]

One of the best moments that went down in competitive snowboarding in the 2013/2014 season: Scotty Lago, Terje Haakonsen and Danny Davis snaking the Burton US Open halfpipe with synchronised backside airs.

[part title="Len Jørgensen (@sirframeface), Jonas Steen (@jonassteen) and Stale Sandbech (@stalesandbech) Triple Rail Attack"]

While we're still on the topic of triples (and not the flipping kind), here's another sick Instagram featuring Norwegian homies Len Jørgensen, Jonas Steen and Ståle Sandbech.

[part title="Werni Stock (@wernistock) Squaw Burton Shoot"]

Back at the start of the season, Burton dropped a series of mini-movies focusing on the different aspects of snowboarding. For the park/resort one, they constructed some super-human features at Squaw and got their riders to point and huck. Bosstrian Werni Stock was on hand and did exactly that. We don't know about you guys but even standing at the top of this thing would give us heart palpatations, let alone jumping off it.

[part title="Eric Jackson (@ejackshreds) Powder Spray"]

Snowboarding in powder rules and Cole Barash has managed to capture the mood perfectly in this shot of E-Jack. We approve!

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