Photo: Lundström

Jonas Carlsson

If there is one guy who knows how to smile, snus and ride a snowboard, it’s Jonas Carlsson! But when it comes to computers, it’s a whole different ball game! He just bought a new Mac and he has been calling me five times a day with questions like “how do I listen to music?" etc... Anyway, nobody gives a shit about that ’cause he is a really good friend to have and the sickest park slayer around! Jonas, me love you…

– Kalle Ohlson

Age: 19 springs on my neck

Home resort: Kläppen, Sweden

Sponsors: DC, Capita, Union, Airblaster, Coal, Jofa

Regular or goofy: Regular

Stance: 61cm wide, front foot +18, back foot –9

Contest results: 1st place WC 04/05 in Kreischberg, 1st Oxborn session, 1st place at Chalmers big air, then I think that I just got 4th place at the Vail Session rail jam...

Favourite trick? Wow... I can’t chose just one.

Favourite movie part? Lauri [Heiskari] in Derelictica

Most influential rider today? Travis Parker is a good example.

Who do you hang with on the hill? DC team and Capita team mostly these days.

Which rider has had the most influence on your snowboarding? There are a lot... all my friends!

What are your plans for the 06/07 season? I’m filming for the new DC Mountain Lab movie and Capita are doing their own project so that’s two movies... plus some comps.