“I first saw Ethan at the Garmisch Gap camp and then at the Pleasure Jam in Laax 4 years ago, and whilst his taste in clothes left a little to be desired, I knew he was someone with a big future at Forum. Ethan is one of the nicest kids ever to deal with, always polite and considerate, and I'm stoked to go shred with him. Like any young guy, he could be a little nicer to his parents, who do so much for him and support him 110%. He still wears some whack huge T-shirts, but just call him out on it. Riding-wise, he is on it in the pipe, a sick kicker rider, and even shreds rail missions. That’s where he is a step ahead as he rides everything, and rides it well. Ethan is definitely Forum and alongside Niki Korpela represents the next generation in Europe." - Jon Weaver

Date of Birth: 5.11.91

Sponsors: Forum, Special Blend, Nike 6.0, Spy, Troyan Gloves,

Landing Headwear, Scarf inc.

Hometown: Mittenwald, Germany

Best contest results: Not really a lot of good ones but I came 6th both at the Burton European Open Juniors and the the PPRJ finals in Grindelwald, and 15th at the World Cup Big Air in London.

How and when did you start snowboarding?

I did a snowboard course in Mittenwald in 1999 because I thought that skiing was boring. Snowboarding is just extreme.

Who did you look up to when you started snowboarding?

Ross Powers! Maybe because he has such a ‘boarder’s name’, maybe because I had a Sports Illustrated sport card showing him. I was so stoked about this!

How and when did you get your first sponsor?

I was riding at the GAP 1328 camp on Zugspitze when Silvia Mittermüller discovered me and introduced me to Völkl. Thanks, Silvia!

How come you have an American name but live in Bavaria?

Actually I was born in Japan but my mum is German and my dad is American: that’s where the name comes from. We lived in Virgina for 4 years but then moved to Mittenwald as there is an American military base in Garmisch. Here we also get things like greasy pizza, burgers and Wonka candies so our half-American family can survive the German jungle.

What are your strengths and weaknesses in snowboarding?

I always try to be good in every terrain and discipline as I like everything. So I can alternate and never get bored. This year I gained my first experience in the backcountry – I loved it as you get an adrenaline rush before every jump. That is what I go for!

With whom are you going riding most?

With Niki Korpella. He is my homie and we always have fun on the mountain.

Did you already shoot for some movies?

I have a part in the latest Isenseven film, Teenage Love Graffiti, which I’m very stoked about as Isenseven is well known everywhere and it was so much fun to go filming with these guys. They are always up for funny stuff.

How did you like your part?

I was filming for the first time and had to attend some contests with the German snowboard association. Therefore I hardly had time to shoot and my part could have been better if I had bagged some more backcountry shots.

Who inspires you in snowboarding?

Pat Moore because he is good in every terrain, as well as Travis Kennedy. But mostly my friends because I’m riding with them all the time.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years and what do you still want to achieve in snowboarding?

I want to become a pro, finish school and play a lot of golf.