Chris was born about 21 years ago to English parents, which would make him an Englishman. Except that he arrived in France at a very young age, landing in Thonon-les-Bains, on the French side of the Lake Geneva. As a consequence, he likes his croissant in the morning and a tea break at 5pm. Like everyone else in Thonon, Avoriaz was the place where he learned to snowboard, and you’ll still find him there today working on the craziest tricks you can imagine. What he likes most is jibbing, but he’s not really a competitive person, preferring sessions with friends, whether it’s for fun or for filming. He’s kind of a traveller too, and headed to NZ last summer to keep the vibe going and train in secret with his constant motivation. He also works in pipeline construction so he can pay for his winter season. Chris’s only bad points? A blond afro and a piercing on his left nipple. But nobody’s perfect! Oh, and make sure you don’t miss his part in this year’s ERO ONE FILMS production “What’s Poppin’". - Vincent Pages

Age? 21

Nationality? Frenglish

Hometown? Thonon-les-Bains, France

Goofy or regular? Normal

Years riding? I'd say around 7... maybe 8.

Sponsors? Eleven outwear, Flow snowboards, Icetools and eesa

Did you go to snowboard school? Do bears shit on the street? Of course I didn't, I started snowboarding to get away from anything structured.

Hobbies? Life, and blue Smarties.

Stance? Huge.

Weapon of choice? Flow Era 153, but I've also got a thing for knives.

Contest results? 3rd place at the rock/paper/scissor comp last night in the bar.

Career high? Getting first place tonight…. Nah, filming around the world with all the guys from EroOne this season was definitely the high point.

Career low? Same old story. Every time I break body parts.

Top 3 resorts? Avoriaz is my home resort, Snow-Park NZ is my Disneyland and the streets are where I do my thing.

Top 3 trips you’ve been on? New Zealand two years ago was my first trip, the other two would be staying in Les Diablerets at the beginning of this season and going to Quebec in February. Happy days.

Will we be seeing you in any videos this year? What's Poppin’ from EroOne Films, a new production by Vince Pages and Florent Marot. Watch out for it this season.

What’s the best thing about filming? Being out in the dark, freezing your nuts off and still having a huge smile across your face.

Which rider has had the most influence on your style? Everybody I ride with influences me to do or not do certain things, that's why I love riding with as many people as possible.

Do you have a favorite movie part? Nah, not really. There are so many incredible parts.

How and when did you first get sponsored? Well, big up to Vince and Florent for helping me get the right contacts 2 years ago. I can never thank them enough for everything.

What would you be doing if you weren’t riding? I'd be a Pokemon master, for sure.

Any plans for next season? EroOne, bitch.