The first time I ever shot with Basa, it was super dreary, foggy, snowy, windy… ouch! She was riding the park in Chopok Jasna with the three hardiest guys left on the slope. What a girl! She was 14, maybe 15 years old. After shooting, she gave me a small interview, and one of the best things in it was: “Yes, I want have a baby in the future – my mum will take care of her, and I will ride." Wow! Five years later and she’s completed the long, hard teenage growing-up process. She’s finally finished high school and is stepping up to the university in Prague. In snowboarding, she’s like a boy: she’s tough, fearless and has what’s worth most – the STYLE. Don’t expect the chicken lady sweet “don’t hurt your butt" style, Basa is a killer! When she’s in good mood, she’s the sweetest honey angel, like blue bird sky on a powder day. But Basa is sometimes like the weather in the mountains: very unstable, very unpredictable, and potentially dangerous. Basa’s traded the stupid small parks for real backcountry and big kicker riding, and moved from a small Slovakian scene to the Roxy European team. What a big success story for this young lady. Basa “kill ’em all!" – Matus Rendek.

Basa Stevulova

Date of birth: 19.11.1987 Sponsors: ROXY Hometown: Banska Bystrica Home resort: Chopok Favourite resort: Chopok, Dachstein, Stuhleck Goofy or regular: Goofy Board of choice: Roxy Ally and Ollie Pop Hobbies: surfing

How long have you been snowboarding? Since I was 13.

How did you start? I just asked my mum if she can buy me a snowboard because when I was 13 it was really popular in Slovakia. One season later, the closest resort to my town built a snowpark and I was there every weekend during the winter.

What’s snowboarding in Slovakia like? We have really nice mountains and it’s perfect for powder. I’m always driving back home when it’s snowing a lot. I know that there are also many cool resorts in Austria or wherever but I’m not a local there and I enjoy this much more at home. But on the other side, I haven’t ridden a snowpark in Slovakia for, hmm, quite long. I’m just afraid of those kickers. I don’t even know if it will ever get better. Hopefully.

Who was your first sponsor and how did it come about? Actually it was Roxy because they were my first real sponsor. Three years ago I got call from the Czech distributors. We met, signed a li’l contract and later on somehow I made it further. I was definitely stoked about it.

Contest results? Rail Rocker award 2006 Roxy Chicken Jam, 3rd O’Neill BBQ Jam 2008, 3rd Roxy Snow Jam 2008

Best riding moment? I don’t have a special one that I would remember. Good moments are when I learned something and best moments are when I’m back here in Slovakia riding with my best friend Dada. This is definitely the best moment.

Worst moment? I think worst moments are when you’re riding hungover, no?

Favourite trick? Frontside 360 Indy

Favourite music? mstrkrft, Chromeo, Zoot Woman, Audiobullys

Favourite snowboard film? Honestly, I don’t watch snowboard movies.

Favourite riders? Margot Rozies

Who's influenced your snowboarding most? People around me.

What are your plans for this winter? I finally finished school so I thought I’m gonna be able to ride all day long, but I go to uni now... pity. But it’s just once in month so I think I can make this sacrifice. I don’t have any special plans. Riding as much as I can.