From now on, it gets even harder to decide what to dress your feet with, as if it wasn’t hard enough yet.

The interesting thing about this brand is, that it isn’t that new at all – the first European shoe brand already exists since 1999.

They enlarged their portfolio and added soft goods such as t-shirts, hoodies and socks to their collection. The sneakers range includes some really flashy, up-to-date 80ies-style ones such as the YSK8 for all the so-hot-right-now stylers. But there’s also some really nice classic models with plain and simple designs, that will please all old-school skaters. Sykum is a very authentic skate brand with its roots deep in the heart of the sport and sponsors a team of six skateboarders.

Our favourites are the VULCAN in purple suede – oh so cute and already decorating the feet of both girls in the Onboard editorial office, and the IMPERIAL SLIM, our naturally very stylish frenchie totally fell in love with.