Italy's on the cards for this latest Summer Shred Guide, as take a look at what the legendary Val Senales will be offering up. Like Les Deux Alpes, it's one of the few glaciers that still maintains a solid series of camps through the summer months, with each week attracting different crews and pro teams for you to hang out and shralp with. Here's the skinny...

Val Senales

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Val Senales opens up its summer freestyle program for six weeks in June and July where you’ll find the Gentlemen Riders crew taking care of the Nitro Snowpark. These dudes know sure know what’s up and have created an huge playground on their 120,000 m2 bit of glacier, with Easy, Medium and Pro lines meaning there’s something for everyone. Also sick is that it takes less than an hour from your bed to the park. There’s heaps of team and camp weeks to choose from, with all-inclusive options, and if you’re under 18 you can get on the 2010 Rookie Camp from 3 to 10 July. There’s a good skatepark, all those summer aftershred activities and, come sundown, the Italians sure know how to make party.

Park Breakdown


Easy Line

1. table: straight box

2. table: kinked box

3. table: up tube

4. table: kicker 1.5m

5. table: kicker 2m

Easy Line will be continued with:

- kids’ up-down box

- jib barrel

- kids straight box

- ripped tube

- kids kinkes box

- up tube

- easy up box

- straight box 3m

- whoops line

- mailbox 4m

Medium Line

1. table: straight box 7m, kicker 5m, kicker 9m

2. table: F-tech jib bowl, kicker 5m, kicker 9m

3. table: downbox 7m, kicker 5m, kicker 9m

4. table: rainbow box, tubestop, funbox 4m with tube, funbox 6m, corner hip

5. table: picnic table, kink gap box, funbox 5m with tree bonk

6. table: funbox 6m with corner


1. table: step down kicker 7m; kicker 12m; treestop, kicker 15m

2. table: step down/transfer kicker 7m; kicker 18m + kicker 24m

3. table: corner + surprise obstacle for the F-tech shooting

Pro Rail line

1. table: downrail 12m

2. table: double kinked 15m

3. table: canon box 6m + up canon rail 7m



Val Senales Park