Back to France for the penultimate Summer Shred Guide.

Once home to the legendary Snowboard UK board tests and an assortment of camps, the summer scene in Tignes has dropped off over the past few years, but there's still a park shaped for the summer months that can offer up some fun slushboarding.


The glacier is open every day from 19 June to 29 August from 7.15am to 1pm and for a €29 day pass you can be up on the Grande Motte glacier in 7 minutes by funicular where there’s 20k of runs to shralp. The park at the bottom of the north face has a pipe, kickers, hips and quarters and rails of all sizes that will so you’ll find something to hit whatever your level of riding. Though Val Claret, by the lift, is a typical French concrete monstrosity, there’s nice lake to hurl yourself into down the road in Tignes, an 800 m2 skatepark, heaps of bike trails and a golf course. Check out the dudes at the Dragon Lodge, a sweet chalet by the lake run by some 'safe as fuck' Welsh shredders.