It's another Austrian glacier in today's Summer Shred Guide as we have a gander at what Hintertux has to offer... Jump in the motor, head up the Zillertal, turn right, drive for half an hour, hop on the gondola, hop on another one, ride down, catch the t-bar up, and you're there!


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A 30-40 minute drive up from Mayrhofen gets you to the Hintertux base station, from where a couple gondolas and a t-bar ride will spit you out at the top of the Hintertux Betterpark. Once home to the legendary SPC camps, the park is still kept in great shape by the dedicated crew with plenty to keep all levels happy. Mayrhofen is the best spot to base yourself out of as you'll have more to do off the hill, but if you want to maximise shred time you can stay in Tux and slash the bed-to-park time. Lifts are open from 9am to 3.30pm, with the pro line and medium lines closed by 2.30pm, and a day pass will set you back €35. If you're heading for a day, check the weather forecast as it's not uncommon for the clouds to roll in and kill visibility in the park.

Park Breakdown


- Superpipe 120 m

Pro Line

- Kicker 17 / 15 m

- Kicker 17 / 15 m

- Hip

Medium Line

- Kicker 10 m

- Kicker 10 m

- Butter Box 4 m

- Flat Box 4 m

Easy Line

- Kicker 6 m

- Wave

- Wave

- Kicker 6 m

Jib Line

- Down Box 4 m

- Down Rail 9 m

- Up Box 4 m

- Rainbow Box 9 m

- Down Box 8 m

- Curved Box 9 m