Right folks, so the age of triples started some time ago and it is kind of hard too keep track about all the riders who are in the triple club. We combined our forces and compiled a list of all triple stompers. How many riders have stomped a triple so far? 6? 10? 15? Click yourself through our list of triple members and find out!

It was spring 2010 in Folgefonna, Norway, when Torstein Horgmo started the whole madness. His fs triple cork 1440 was the first triple cork ever stomped. At the 2011 X Games Big Air Torstein was the only one who threw a triple and it got him first place. But only last season did Torstein - along with Marc McMorris and a few others - start to attempt triple corks in regular slopestyle events. This also brought an early end to Torstein’s season when he overshot a jump at the Euro X 2013 slopestyle doing a bs triple cork 1440. Hopefully he will kick off the new season in top form again.

During the winter of 2010/2011 Mark became the second rider to stomp a triple cork and he had no problems performing them in slopestyle competitions last season. Mark is a young determined kid who always goes for perfection - as you can see in the video.

It took him a couple more weeks than his pal McMorris but at last Seb Toots also came up with his triple trick. His bs triple cork 1440 at a closed Red Bull session in Squaw Valley, Tahoe, was pretty steezy.

The triple cork revolution continued a couple days after Seb Toots' triple when then unknown 16-year-old Swiss rider stomped a switch bs triple cork, a trick that no one had done before.

In the 2008-2009 Bataleon edit Tyler Chorlton landed a triple frontflip in the backcountry but the scene is cut right after the landing so we can’t tell if he stomped it all the way. What we know for sure is that the unknown Belgian rider Bastien Destine stomped his triple frontflip in the Les2Alpes Snowjam competition. Nothing too stylish but balls of steel.

To sum up the 2010/2011 season we should mention the backcountry triple backflip by the American snowboarding legend Kevin Jones. At the biblical age of 36 Kevin showed us it is never too late to try new tricks. To see the triple check out his part in the Standard films TB20.

The winter 2011/2012 triple parade started in December. A crazy Briton from Shirley became famous after throwing down the first triple bs rodeo ever. Billy Morgan's footage has now almost one million views which is almost as much as Janet Jackson’s tit slip during Super Bowl. In 2013 Billy added a bs triple cork 1440 to his repertoire:


In the stream of new footage and tricks Mark’s achievement came through almost unnoticed. But in fact Mark Hoyt became the second person after Torstein who stomped a fs triple cork 1440.

This all favourite Norwegian ripper never fails to come up with some new amazing stuff. During a session with his pal Jorn Simen Aaboe at Vierli in April 2012 Staale liked the jump so much that he decided to go for it. You can check out the result for yourself. Later on he stepped up his game to a bs triple cork 1440.

Jorn Simen got himself also a first…the first triple fs rodeo 1440! He also has the bs triple cork 1440 in his trick bag! That’s what we call a man of action!

The young Japanese talent defeated Peetu at the Beijing Air and Style 2012 after he unexpectedly stomped a bs triple cork 1440 in his last attempt claiming the event’s first place.

The show continued in Davos and it was spectacular. Young guns Maxence Parrot and Kyle Mack went all in and it paid off. The former threw down a perfect bs triple cork 1440 which meant the first place.

Kyle Mack gave a fitting response to Maxence Parrot and became the first to show a triple fs rodeo in the competition. The hand-drag on the landing probably cost him the first place but what the hell... you don’t get to stomp a triple rodeo every day.

Things got intense when this footage of Shaun landing a bs triple cork 1440 got out. This shows how well the American robot prepares for the Olympics 2014. If he aims to dominate the slopestyle competition he needs to bring out the big guns.

It was quite a shock when we saw this video of the 13-year-old Norwegian snowboard talent. Not many kids would have balls this big... Youngest rider ever to throw down a triple cork, or - to be accurate - a bs triple cork 1440.

This young Canadian surprised everyone including himself at the Quiksilver Downlow competition in Ontario last March. Naturally talented rider who landed his first double only a month before this triple attempt.

17: Brage Richenberg, Jorn Simen Aaboe, 18: Gjermund Braaten, 19: Emil Andre Ulsletten, 20: Torgeir Bergrem, 21: Sondre Tiller, 22: Aleksandr Oestreng

The end of the last season was completely in the hands of the Norwegian flying machines. They threw a huge private party at Northstar and besides emptying beer cans they also built a nice slushy big air. We can only speculate if it was the beautiful weather, slushy landing or beer that encouraged them to go this big. One after another they stepped up their game and here is the bottom line:

Brage Richenberg – triple backflip

Jorn Simen Aaboe – ss bs triple cork 1440

Gjermund Braaten – bs triple cork 1440

Emil Andre Ulsletten – ss bs triple cork 1440, cab triple cork 1260

Torgeir Bergrem – bs triple cork 1620 – first ever landed!

Sondre Tiller – cab triple cork 1260

Aleksandr Oestreng – bs triple cork 1440

We believe if it hadn't been for Ulrik’s injury he would have thrown down some sick tricks as well.

Successful triple attempts have been booming so if we forgot to mention anyone just let us know!

Thanks to our observant readers we serve you 4 more members of the triple club!

Nils 'Cobra' Arvidsson might have been the first ever to stomp a triple cork if he managed to complete his 2010 attempt. We had to wait almost two years before he finally came up with his new triple. You can watch it either in the Standard Films 2112 or in this Ripcurl edit.

Japanese rider decided to get dizzy at High Cascade Session Camp Session 3 in 2012. One of a few riders who put it down on a park jump.

Seppe at 1:39!

It was only a matter of time for the belgian spinning machine to come up with his own triple. It went down during Winter X Big Air finals in Aspen 2013.

Scotty at 0:46!

This aussie supertalent is the most recent member of the triple club. He put it down at the Mile High competition in Perisher last week. Scotty is one of the biggest aussie hopes for the upcoming Olympics taking part in both slopestyle and superpipe.

Special Thanks to Jonathan Cobra Nilsson and Christophe De Groof for the reminders!

Here's a triple frontflip from a unknown Finnish kid by the name of Kasper Kumpulainen on what looks like a 25 foot kicker. It's certainly not the prettiest looking thing ever but a triple it remains!

Swedish ripper dropped his season edit and surprised us with his flawless fs triple. Check out this edit full of bangers! Mark 2:57 for the magic.

By the looks of his edit from the Scandalnavians movie, young Swedish ripper Sven Thorgren had one of the best sessions of his life on a pretty serious booter out in Åre. Backside 1440, backside 1440 triple, Cab triple underflip, and Cab 1440 all learnt in a day. Welcome to the triple club Sven!

British rider Jamie Nicholls kills it on kickers and it was high time that he got a triple under his belt. While training in the Stubai Prime Park this November, Jamie chucked his first ever backside triple 1440. Head to 1.37 to check it out.

Here's a newly stomped backside triple cork 1440 from another crazy-talented and relatively unknown Finnish kid by the name of Kalle Järvilehto. Its' a dime a dozen these days!

"Eighteen year old Kalle Järvilehto decided last night that it's needless to wait for sunny and soft spring conditions to try the triple. A dark and cold Vuokatti snowpark served as the arena for this Talma boy who has followed the steps of Peetu Piiroinen and few other finnish pro's and relocated to Vuokatti to study at the Snowboarding high school. Seems like at least the riding part of studying is paying off. Keep an eye out for this young man in the future. He gave a bit of a storm warning already last year at the O'Neill Evolution when he beat Seb Toutant in his head to head semifinal battle and advanced to the final. Coming back from a nagging little injury the future looks pretty bright for this young lad."

Nice one Kalle!

Nicolino Dioli became the first Italian snowboarder to land a triple cork 1440, stepping it up on a perfectly shaped booter in Chiesa Valmalenco.

The achievement marked the first triple cork by an Italian rider and was made all the sweeter by the fact that it happened on Italian snow. Big up Nico!

Nicolino Dioli Lands the First Ever Italian Triple Cork

Dutch snowboarder Joris Ouwerkerk dropped this video showing him stomping the bejesus out of a textbook backside triple cork 1440 in Mayrhofen.

It’s pretty damn legit we have to say, with three defined corks and none of that slight shoulder dipping that has been called incorrectly in many a contest over the last few years.

Joris Ouwerkerk Lands the First Dutch Triple Cork