Learning new stuff is hard. Learning new stuff on your own is harder. Make learning new stuff not quite so hard by checking this assortment of stock tricks as broken down by some of snowboarding's great and good. With these, even old dogs can learn new tricks...

We stumbled upon this assortment of trick tips created a while back by the Network A guys and thought, darn it, the people could benefit from this knowledge. We make trick knowledge benefit for glorious nation of Snowboardingistan!

How To Chicken Salad Grab With Tim Eddy

How To Backflip With Jaeger Bailey

How To Frontside Lipslide With Desiree Melancon

How To Frontside Blunt 270 With Dylan Thompson

How To Front Blunt To Regular With Johnny Miller

How To Backside 180 On Rails With Ted Borland

How To Tailblock With Chris Beresford

How To Nosepress With Chris Brewster

How To Andrecht Handplant With Mike Ravelson

How To Switch Frontside 270s On With Zak Hale