We've teamed up with kiwi ripper Nick Hyne and his brand new mobile app Trick Bag to bring you this unique trick guide. The app comes pre-loaded with over 80 trick videos, grab challenges, trick scramble, trick battle modes and much much more. It's a great fun way to help with visualising tricks and progressing your snowboarding on the hill.

Trick bag has just been launched on the Android store as a FREE and PAID download and is also available on the iTunes store (also with a choice of FREE or PAID).

In this exclusive article, Nick takes us through 9 weird grabs that you have to stretch for. Look out for trick videos direct from the Trick Bag app and handy explanations on each. From Canadian Bacon to Taipan, it's all covered!


Progression has gone in every direction imaginable in snowboarding in recent years. People are getting slingshotted up rails and off 3 story balconies, backflipping from roof to roof and if you aren't going upside down at least 3 times in your slopestyle run - chances are you just aren't quite Olympic material.

So, what to do? Well, progressing is fun - heck, without it we would all still be holding our instructor's hand enduring another day on the magic carpet. Progression helps us all enjoy this crazy sport we love - snowboarding.

So how do we progress without spinning? The solution comes without having to even spin as much as a 180 - some days just seem a little unsafe to be getting inverted or spinning, right?

We may have found the answer to progressing without spinning - do weird grabs. It seems simple. For better or for worse, some of the grabs that should have been left with their good friend 1990, have started to resurface. Why? Because they are ridiculous. And sometimes being ridiculous is just what you need to spice up a usually mundane day on the hill. Ridiculous can be fun..and progressive!

Here are 9 grabs you may love or maybe hate with a passion but you know what they say - don't knock it until you've tried it!

Load these onto your phone and hit up the Grab Challenge on your next day up the hill..and then thank Steve Jobs for putting awesome in your pocket.

Find out what on earth a Taipan grab is here!

[part title="Back Hand Grabs: Roast Beef"]

How do I do this grab?

Back Hand goes down in front of your body and grabs between the bindings on the heel edge.

Jeff Grosso Invented the Roast Beef grab. In his very own words he says "I am probably guilty of inventing the worst maneuver in all of skateboarding - The Roast Beef Air...I couldn't do a stalefish". Just because Jeff Grosso isn't a fan himself doesn't mean you can't dabble..well dabble long enough to tick a Roast Beef off your tricklist. Then you are free to never to do it again!

Why Roast Beef?

As Jeff points out - this is a good trick for those people who can't get that hand all the way around their back leg and grab stalefish. (For Stalefish see trick 4 in the ‘Basics’ of the JUMPS section in the Trick Bag.)

How do I make this trick look good?

Add a Frontside shifty. This not only gives the trick an element of style, but it also makes the grab easier to reach and then poke out for as long as possible.

Weird Factor – 2/5 stars

[part title="Back Hand Grabs: Indy Tucknee"]

[mpora_video id='AAdmwlgu46u2 ']

How do I do this grab?

Back hand grabs over the back leg and grabs the toe edge between the bindings. Back leg is pushed down in the process into a Tuck knee (bent) position. Usually the tail is pushed higher than the nose during all of this. If you know what a Japan Air is, just think ‘Back Hand Japan’.

All right, all right before any nerds pipe up here, YES an INDY grab can only be done backside and yes, this is the most commonly hated on misconduct of grab naming in all of snowboarding. The Indy Tuck Knee is also often referred to as a Del-Mar air. Made popular in recent years by Pole Jam enthusiasts (with a filmer underneath with a fisheye) and other rad dudes doing them off obscure urban features. Made unpopular by people who can’t grab between their feet properly while spinning frontside off a jump.

Why Indy Tuck Knee?

It feels good. You will know instantly whether or not you have nailed this grab. A bad one feels terrible and a good one (according to reliable sources, such as Aj Lawson) feels amazing.

How do I make this trick look good?

Practice it over and over again. If you make this trick look like a botched Indy/Frontside grab, you will look like a kook. Do this trick properly and you will be admired by the crowd that cares.

Weird Factor – 1/5 Stars

[part title="Back Hand Grabs: Canadian Bacon "]

How do I do this grab?

Back Hand reaches from behind the heel edge and goes between the legs and reaches all the way through to the toe edge between the bindings.

This grab requires you to reach around from behind and grab between the legs. Actually don’t read into that last sentence too deeply. The Canadian Bacon is not as dodgy as it sounds - it does feel weird at first though! In short, unorthodox is the theme behind the Canadian Bacon grab.

Why Canadian Bacon?

It makes people look twice. Not only that, but it takes a bit to get your head around how to actually reach the grab. Once you do, it feels that much better because at first, you probably blamed your stubby arms.

How do I make this trick look good?

The old saying ‘ You can’t polish a turd’ runs true with a lot of the weird grabs. There is a reason they have stayed on the weird shelf. However, adding a frontside shifty, grabbing tightly and THEN poking it out certainly helps make an aesthetically appealing Canadian Bacon. Also, keep that front hand down and (of course) pretend it was easy.

Weird Factor – 4/5 Stars

[part title="Back Hand Grabs: Crail"]

How do I do this grab?

Back Hand reaches all the way past the front of your body to the nose.

This trick has been made popular by skateboarders doing ‘Crail slides’ (A backside tailslide with the back hand reaching forward and grabbing the nose). Some people question whether or not a Crail grab has to be right on the nose or if it can just be anywhere in front of the front foot on the toe edge. It is one of the tougher grabs to reach. Here Aj Lawson goes all the way and grabs what we call a ‘True Crail’.

Why Crail?

Because backside shiftys rule! The other reason is that this trick looks good in the halfpipe and out of banks/cut-outs. Doing a Crail with a Frontside shifty is also a good looking number. Getting ‘True Crail’ on a Frontside Crail is really one that should be left to yoga folk though.

How do I make this trick look good?

When grabbing Crail it is pretty essential that you bone your back leg out and get into the Backside shifty position. This makes the grab easier too, as it brings your hand closer to the nose as your upper body will be twisted to counter rotate the shifty.

Weird Factor – 2/5 Stars

[part title="Back Hand Grabs: Nuclear"]

How do I do this grab?

As you do a backside shifty and get into the ‘Method’ position, (See the Bonus section of the Trick Bag JUMPS for Method) the back hand reaches over and grabs the heel edge. If you know what a method is, then just think ‘A back hand method’.

The Nuclear is by no means a staple in anybody’s grab book in snowboarding (Well, yet!). Its roots, as far as we can tell, come from Wakeboarding. This makes more sense - you have the hindrance of the handle, and if your front hand is holding on, you may not be able to grab a normal method. In snowboarding, a Method is one of the best feeling, timeless and respected tricks in the game so why would you complicate it! Either way, even the high and mighty method can be spiced up on the rare occasion.

Why Nuclear?

Because it seems ridiculous, hard and horrible. You just need to tick it off the list to prove to yourself that you can still progress and tick off something new. Heck, like anything, if you do it right and with style, you can probably make this trick actually look good.

How do I make this trick look good?

You need to make sure that once you grab, you grab properly. If you just tap the edge, you will end up in a horrible flailing reverse superman position. So, once you grab that heel edge, push out your back leg and make it look as much like a regular method as possible!

Weird Factor – 5/5 Stars

[part title="Front Hand Grabs: Grosman"]

How do I do this grab?

Front hand goes down in front of body and grabs between the bindings. Think front hand ‘Roast Beef’.

The Grosman grab is easily confused with a ‘Chicken Salad’. Wikipedia refers to it as Chicken Salad. And although the Internet has never been known to get anything wrong, we think we have found a minor error in the Wikipedia shred annals. A ‘Chicken Salad’ is actually a back hand grab and is the same as a Roast Beef but you have your hand turned in the opposite way – yeap, it’s proper weird. The Grosman got its name from the inventor of the Roast Beef – Jeff Grosso.

Why Grosman?

If you are struggling with ‘Melon’ grabs (see Basics of the Trick Bag App JUMPS for ‘Melon’) then Grosman could be the answer. Pop a bit of a backside shifty in there and you have a half decent grab. Grosman will always be the poor man’s ‘Melon’, but hey, why not try it - you might just like it.

How do I make this trick look good?

Chuck a backside shifty in there. If you can grab it tightly and drift through the air doing a backside shifty, you are well on your way to ‘Grosman’ glory.

Weird Factor – 2/5 Stars

[part title="Front Hand Grabs: Japan"]

How do I do this grab?

Front hand grabs over the front leg and grabs the toe edge between the bindings. Front leg is usually pushed down and the board is pulled behind the rider slightly. Usually the nose is pushed higher than the tail on straight airs with Japan as you straighten the back leg downwards and pull the board upwards.

The Japan Air has become a true classic. It is a grab that can be tweaked like crazy and when done right (usually with backside spins and McTwists) it is mega. Originally invented by skateboarder Tony Hawk, the Japan Air has been frequently seen in snowboard circles in recent years. Nicolas Müller sent the Japan to another level when he did it with a Backside 720 and he went basically upside down while tweaking it out like crazy. Since then, Bode Merrill, went one better and went and landed the Back 7 Japan with one foot in his binders! Terje Haakonsen and Kazu Kokubo are also due credit for their Japan McTwists.

Why Japan?

Because it’s tweakable. Tweaking and poking tricks is what shows you have control in your riding, and having control in the air is usually what makes a trick feel good!

How do I make this trick look good?

Make sure you get your hand onto your toe edge and keep your grab between the bindings. Because your leg can get in the way a little bit, it is easy to ruin this trick by grabbing your boot. Boot grabs aren’t rad, so keep that hand in between the bindings and, seriously think about stretching before wrenching a good tweak on this bad boy.

Weird Factor – 1/5 Stars

[part title="Front Hand Grabs: Suitcase"]

How do I do this grab?

This grab requires you to bend your knees and pull your board up towards your ass. The front hand reaches back and goes past the heel edge all the way to the toe edge.

The Suitcase is a ‘dork’ trick but it is actually kind of hard! You either need to have long arms or some stretchy legs and an archy back to grab hold of this sucker. It is called the suitcase because your hand wraps around and grabs the board like a suitcase handle.

Why Suitcase?

Because it ticks the weird/ funny box. If you and your friends are hooning around the mountain and you arrive at your favourite jump with a blank mind on what trick to try, why not opt for the Suitcase? Go big and really crank one of these and you are guaranteed to impress all of the ‘normal’ trick crew at the top of the run-in.

How do I make this trick look good?

I don’t think there is a legitimate way to make a Suitcase look good. You can only make it extra dorky. One way to do this is by flicking your head/hair back after grabbing and then extending your back arm into the air as high as possible. Aj Lawson knows. Nail this and you will impress even the most radical of shred dawgers.

Weird Factor – 5/5 Stars

[part title="Front Hand Grabs: Taipan"]

How do I do this grab?

Front hand reaches from behind the heel edge and goes between the legs and reaches all the way through to the toe edge between the bindings. Think front hand ‘Canadian Bacon’.

The Taipan is a grab that derives from the Japan Air. Basically, the motion is similar but with a Taipan, the front hand goes between the legs and through to the toe edge, where doing a Japan you go over the top of your front leg. It is a tricky one to snatch onto properly, but it is a whole lot spicier than a straight air Mute grab.

Why Taipan?

To reassure yourself you are young and limber. Well, it may not be too reassuring, but if you snatch onto one of these and push it out properly you have instantly one-upsed the average grab. Let’s say you always do Frontside 180 mute grabs, replace that mute grab with a Taipan and you have suddenly done something a little quirky.

How do I make this trick look good?

Naturally, when grabbing Taipan on a straight air your tail will probably sag a little as you reach for the grab. Once you have the grab try to poke it out a little and then keep holding on until your board is straight again. This will give the appearance that you are actually in control.

Weirdness Factor – 4/5

Like what you see here? You can find more trick video guides on the Trick Bag app, which has just been launched on the Android store, as a FREE and PAID download and is also available on the iTunes store (also with a choice of FREE or PAID). Go check it out!