Published in Onboard Magazine Issue 121, March 2011

The fun thing about the Miller flip is that it works on almost every obstacle or spot! You can start easy on a little spine or over a small log at the side of the slope and then push it further to spots like handrails, fences and spires... what’s important in general is that you don’t “crash" into the obstacle with too much speed, but have a good flight curve with a dead spot where you’re kinda weightless. That will make the planting way easier and longer and your shoulder will be thankful as well.


What you need for this plant is a good front arm and a slab of transition with bloody great ball on top. Transition and arms are easy to come by but don’t about the ball as you can do this trick on the trannie just as easily.


Riding up the transition you roll gently onto your heal edge and open up your shoulders gently frontside both to get that front hand into position for the plant and also to initiate that 90degree rotation for the plant. Also put your weight into the tail to get invert.


Once out of the transition you will be going upside down and your eyes will be turned to the ball looking at it down your front arm which you have extended towards the ball. Your back hand will have reached down – or rather up seeing you are inverted - for the Indy.


With your weight solidly planted on the ball and your grab vice-tight you can give that front leg a solid poke and feel the oh so satisfying creak of your bindings. As gravity bringing you out of your hand pirouette and you’ll have to get yourself lined up for coming into the transition with an extra 270 front rotation. The first 90 is natural as you roll on your arm but you will need to get that back arm around to make that last 180, bring around the back leg and ride out fakie.