Here are 8 rail tricks that you should probably aim to have on lock before you turn 25. Why 25 we hear you ask? Well, from our extensive research (asking everyone in the office), we've come to the conclusion that if you haven't tried these by the time you hit that dreaded quarter-life crisis point, you'll have to be both pretty ballsy and incredibly gifted to get them all on lock.

But who's to say that you can't do anything that you work for and put your mind to? Heck, if 70 year olds can still snowboard... Anyway, good luck!

Let's start off fairly easy. Most people that will ever attempt to hop onto a rail 50 50 or tailpress will do it frontside. You're facing the rail, you're kind of jumping forward and you can see exactly how much pop you need to get over the rail.

Backside 50 50s and tailpresses are definitely a little more challenging as you have the definite possibility of catching your heel edge on the rail. The trick is to take a little more speed and snap a nice clean ollie to take you above the rail, rather than thinking about jumping backwards per se.

Still, although this is pretty basic (let's ignore the casual frontside 360 out that Halldor adds to the end of it eh?), we'd recommend you give it a go while you're still young and less prone to getting banged up by cold hard steel.

Front lips are back in fashion, and they're actually not too difficult a trick to get on lock. Although it's definitely a little scary having to pop over the rail, you have the advantage that you can see the rail clearly the whole time and you're popping off your toeside edge.

Make sure you don't approach too close to the rail and once again, get a good clean pop off your edge so you can get your board above the rail before turning it 90 degrees. Hooking up and landing shin first on a rail is never fun, although if you're doing massive gap ones like Pat Moore here, you'd should probably be worrying more about the possibility of dying rather than getting a boo boo on your shin.

Backside lipslides are just plain awkward. You're blind to the rail, are taking off slightly on your heel edge (way harder) and have to clear the rail so you don't end up reverse clotheslining which sucks BIG TIME.

Basically, try these on mellow features first and work your way up. They're not the easiest.

Front 180s on are all about figuring out how far away from the rail you need to pop to land on it sweet. Pop too close or pre-spin and you may catch your nose, pop too far away and you won't be able to lock on properly.

Denis Leontyev here manages to get it spot on and even more impressive, manages to do it on a curved rail (and get a casual cab 360 out at that...)

Mess up a backside 180 on and you could be served a nice rail taco (which hurts by the way). The trick to locking onto these ones is to kind of catch the side of the rail with your base and then roll up onto it, as landing to flat will most likely see you slip straight off the other side.

Like the frontside 180 on, you have to figure out how far away from the rail you need to be to land on it sweet and like the front 180 on, these require a fair bit of commitment.

Ok, so chances are, none of us will be trying this trick on a rail as retardedly difficult as the one Halldor hits in the video above.

Nevertheless, front blunt 270s are definitely a trick you should have in your repertoire before you get over rails and just want to cruise the groomers. It's a fun trick and sliding kind of blind before snapping out at the end is a pretty satisfying feeling.

These technically aren't the most difficult tricks out there if you can do a clean frontside 360 off a side hit. Saying that, we'd still suggest you try and learn them before you turn 25 because they do require a fair bit of flexibility. And everyone knows that teenagers have waaay more of that.

Now we're talking. We'd be pretty impressed to see a 25+ year old dude or dudette learn frontside 270s on. That's not to say it hasn't been done before of course, all we're suggesting is that it's a pretty technical trick that requires a bunch of commitment and acceptance of the fact if you come down heel-heavy, you'll most likely be hurting the next day.

Try them while you're still young and your bones don't snap when you so much as bust out the worm at a next level party.