We sort of blame the internet. Never before has it been as easy to access information and more difficult to stay ignorant to it. Every day we're bombarded by new stuff left, right and centre and sensory overload is becoming more and more common.

Thanks to our constant refreshing of social media feeds, events that happened only two days ago feel like old news. But what can we do? Time waits for nobody.

But we digress. We are, after all, here to talk about snowboarding.

2013 has been a whirlwind of a year for our little sport snowboarding. Of course, as a pre-Olympic year the usual routines have been stirred up a bunch (for better or worse) and whatever your opinion of that five-ringed monster looming on the horizon, there's no denying that it has an impact on snowboarding in 2013. We've had triple cork madness, some amazing snowboard movies, a sick season overall for snowfall in the alps and plenty of innovation.

In this article we delve into the leather-bound book with the shiny gold lettered title that reads 'snowboarding in 2013', and pick out a few of our most memorable moments.

First up, competition season:

[part title="January, February, March: COMPETITION SEASON"]

While we spent most of our days enviably scrolling through snowy Instagram feeds in January, snowboarding's comp kids were lining up at the top of increasingly gargantuan slopestyle courses and halfpipes looking to earn respect and cash money.


Kazuhiro Kokubo devoured everything (by signing to Capita)


Kyle Mack dropped a hammer part

Kyle Mack had been on our radar for ages but when we saw him in his new part he'd added an extra foot to his height and learnt a bunch of doubles. Kyle's part was a definite hint that he meant business, which we soon found out was definitely the case...

X Games Real snow edits dropped

As we said before, these guys are fucking nuts.

The latest X Games Real Snow edits were pretty tight, and even had old-timers like Freddi Kalbermatten and Andreas Wiig bossing it alongside young(er) guns like Ethan Deiss and Louif Paradis.

Footage of Shaun White trying triples leaks to the internet

And the internet lapped it up like kittens do hot milk. Ginger kittens of course, ginger kittens...

Triple Fest at O'Neill Evolution, Simmen retires

The O'Neill Evolution in Davos was the first six star event of the year and had both big air and halfpipe events. Although many notable riders were absent due to a clashing FIS World Cup qualifier, the big air finals went off the scale, with Max Parrot stomping what was easily the cleanest competition triple we’d seen at that point:

Kyle Mack also hucked a super sick frontside triple off the toes but didn’t ride away quite as clean, while 14 year old Japanese sensation Miyabi Onitsuka bossed it in the ladies comp.

On the halfpipe side of things it was Jan Scherrer who took the top spot while Gian Simmens, the first Olympic halfpipe gold medallist, placed a highly respectable 6th place and gracefully retired from competitive snowboarding.

Halldor lands lobster flip on film

Halldor had been trying this backside double rodeo japan trick at big air comps for a while and finally stomped it on film out in Keystone. It’s sick:

Shaun Wins X Games Pipe, Ayumu gets Second. McMorris holds off Shaun in Slope.

The X Games in Aspen attracted all the usual suspects and as expected in pipe, Shaun White remained unbeatable. However, perhaps the most talked about rider of that particular comp was the earner of the silverware – one 14 year old Japanese kid by the name of Ayumu Hirano. Hirano was SENDING it almost as big as White, beating a far more experienced field to second place.

In slope, all the chat was about Shaun, and despite the media hyping up a largely non-existent rivalry between himself and McMorris, White didn’t even come close on the day with McMozza confidently taking the win.

Big air was straight-up madness, with Torstein Horgmo stomping the first ever switch backside triple cork in competition to take a well deserved first place:


Air & Style

The 2013 Air & Style in Innsbruck was a rather special one indeed. As the 20th Anniversary of the comp, a special legends session was held, with dudes like Jamie Lynn, Terje Haakonsen, Devun Walsh, Gigi Rüf and many more competing in their own style focused comp.

The main comp was as nail biting as ever with a bunch of triples chucked by the likes of Stale Sandbech and Mark McMorris. In the end it was token quiet-achiever Eric Willet who took the win with a perfect switch bs dub 1260.

Eric Willett. Switch backside 1260 to winning in 2013. Photos: Thomas Copsey

With the Air & Style cancelled for 2014 we’re seriously hoping that the 2013 edition wasn't the end of the legendary event as we know it.

Burton European Open - young guns clean up

The BEO was another eye-opener to the swelling ranks of kids not old enough to have a beer but who are bossing it on snowboards against the world’s best. With El Blanco not in attendance, gold was anyones for the taking in pipe and 14 year old Japanese phenom Ayumu Hirano put down one of the biggest, sickest runs we’ve seen live in a long, long time to take the gold:

Ayumu Hirano. What were you doing when you were 14? All photos: Sami Tuoriniemi

In the women’s comp, 16 year old Arielle Gold ended Kelly Clark’s long running winning streak with an incredibly solid run put down in challenging conditions.

Slopestyle, sadly was a bit of a write-off, with bad visibility and high wins forcing the women’s comp to be ditched entirely. In the men’s Torstein Horgmo was sitting in first after the semis and was awarded the win when finals couldn’t go ahead either.

We all got to shred powder instead so it definitely wasn’t all doom and gloom…

Horgasm drops onine

Although largely focused on just one rider, Torstein Horgmo’s movie Horgasm was surprisingly diverse, entertaining and a definite breath of fresh air. After it dropped online, it went on to become one of the most watched full movies on our site in 2013:

Gigi Rüf wins the Red Bull Ultranatural

Gigi Rüf. Winning. © Red Bull Media House

For some reason, Red Bull were forced to change the name of Travis Rice’s unique backcountry freestyle contest to the Ultra Natural but it did nothing to affect the level of riding. Gigi Rüf absolutely sent it on the course on every feature and deservedly took the win from reigning champ and originator T-Rice.

Paper Shredder Edit

This thing dropped and made that week:

Some kid falls off a chairlift...

Don't worry, he lived.

Signal build a glass snowboard

Easily our favourite Every Third Thursday from season 3 was this quite frankly mind-blowing glass snowboard. Pretty nifty (on your wall anyway):

Burn We Ride drops

we ride


White, Clark, McMorris and O'Brien win at the Burton US Open


Insane Russian eurocarving video

One of the craziest videos we saw all year was this eurocarve/limbo edit from a bunch of Russians:

Some skier falls off a cliff

Don't worry, he lived:

Iouri Podladtchikov wins the Arctic challenge, Peetu Piiroinen scores 4th Overall World Snowboard Tour title

I-Pod went absolutely massive to take the prestigious 5 star Arctic Challenge title while Peetu secured his 4th World snowboard Tour/TTR title with his 5th place finish.

13 year old lands a triple

We questioned whether the world had gone totally mad when 13 year old Marcus Kleveland took a break from playing with legos (or whatever else it is that most other 13 year olds are doing) and blew minds by becoming the youngest ever triple dipper in history. It all went down on a perfectly groomed, Red Bull logo plastered kicker out in Norway and it was a beaut:

Yawgoons kill it

The Yawgoons, a small crew from the rather unlikely shred destination of Rhode Island in the US, totally stepped up and killed it this past season. This edit of theirs made us sit up and take note: super creative, technical riding on incredibly minimal, D.I.Y. setups. These guys kill it:

European X Games – Iouri Podladtchikov lands ‘Yolo Flip’


One of the more memorable moments was I-Pod's first ever cab 1440 double in the finals which he swiftly dubbed the Yolo flip...

Nike Snake and Hammers

Nike dropped one of the most innovative contest series’ this year in their Snake and Hammers events. Part banked slalom, part slopestyle and riders ranging from current contest dudes like Jamie Nicholls to well respected vets such as David Benedek, Snake and Hammers was a proper mish-mash of creative eye-popping snowboarding and diverse personalities:

[part title="April, May, June: SLUSHY SPRING SESSIONS"]

Spring 2013 was marked by your usual mix of slushy park sessions, season edits and rapid progression thanks in part to the softer conditions and the extra desire to get new tricks on lock (read: triple cork variations…) in time for the 'lympics.


DC Shred Days

Despite some less than ideal weather conditions, DC’s annual gathering of pro riders, shop dudes and media at their excellent Area 43 park in Meribel/Mottaret was another resounding success with some fun sessions on (and off...) the hill:

Benni Fridbjornsson bosses Shred Days:

Ever seen an 8 year old rip as hard as Benni here from Iceland? With the Helgasons as solid role models, and some sick tricks already under his belt, we definitely think Benni is gonna be one to look out for in 2014 and beyond.

Seb Toots urban part

Sebastien Toutant proved that he’s no one-trick contest pony when he dropped a pretty heavy full part filmed in the streets of Quebec:

Head Jib Factory goes off

Once again, Alex Tank and Head Snowboards invited some of the best jibbers that Europe has to offer to a super low-key and relexed session in Oberjoch, Germany. The purpose built features were as creative as ever and the standard of riding was nothing short of incredible. This was one of the first times we clocked a particular Dutch talent by the name of Kas Lemmens, who ended being voted the standout rider of the session:

Torgeir Bergrem Stomps a Backside Triple Cork 1620 at Northstar

In April, the Norwegian snowboard team had a private kicker session on a beast of a booter out in Northstar. At it, Torgeir Bergrem became the first dude to successfully land a triple cork 1620, essentially a regular backside triple cork with an extra 180 added to it at the end. Utter madness:


JP Walker handplant holiday

JP Walker. Photo: Blatt

In early May, the first footage of JP Walker’s Handplant Holiday at Bear Mountain surfaced – essentially a gathering of JPs close mates for a relaxed ‘contest’ where the focus was on busting every handplant variation under the sun. Needless to say, the setup was amazing, and the whole event looked like a blast.

Sina candrain bosses a frontside 1080

As far as we can tell, this was the first flat spun 1080 that we spotted a women landing on a park kicker. It wasn’t stomped totally clean but was super sick nonetheless:

Lib Tech Holy Bowly goes off in Japan

The second year of Lib Tech’s super sick bowl focused event in Japan. We’d give our left nut to shred this thing. How about it Lib??

Brage Double drops a sick edit featuring a double backflip off a knuckle

Remember Torgeir's triple 1620 that we mentioned earlier? Well this was another rad thing to come out of that Northstar session. The first ever double backie off a knuckle as far as we can tell:

Sven Thorgren goes mental in Åre

It’s not just the Norwegians who meant business with their end of season training. Swedish young gun Sven Thorgren got to session his own monster booter in Åre and got a bunch of new tricks down including Backside 1440, backside 1440 triple, Cab triple underflip, and Cab 1440 - not bad for a day's work!

Onboard Send Off Session goes off!

Not to float our on boat here but what better way to end the season than with a set of perfectly groomed mega-features pulled together in Kitzsteinhorn for some of Europe’s finest to go ballistic on. The hip feature was one of the biggest we’ve ever seen and dudes like Peter König and Markku Koski absolutely killed it on it. Not to mention all the other features that were available to hit. The Send Off Session was another huge success:


RK1 Vierli edit

Stale Sandbech, Alek Oestreng and Len Jorgensen’s RK1 crew is one of the sickest out there right now when it comes to park ripping and this new edit from the dudes, beautifully shot and edited by Olav Stubberud was a definite highlight in June.

Do not watch if you're adverse to seeing chunks of human gauged out by the ends of rails though…

World's biggest kickflip?

Clearly a fake but whatever…

Nasa says shredding on Mars might be possible

Screen Shot 2013-12-30 at 22.03.41

[part title="July, August, September: SUMMER CAMPS AND TEASER SEASON"]

Summer and fall was filled with a zillion summer camp edits, teasers and a deep, unsettled longing for powder.


Merrill Mini Pipe Invitational

Bode Merrill hosted a super rad looking mini-pipe contest for the second year up at High Cascade. Doubles were banned, handplants were encouraged and the whole event looked like the mutt's nuts:

Elena Hight gets her kit off for ESPN


ESPN dropped their 'body issue' featuring lads and lasses from sports as diverse as golf posing in the buff.

X Games Real Snow Backcountry edits drop


Sick Jay Hergert part

This part dropped outta nowhere and got us real hyped on snowboarding. Amazing surf style, buttering off kickers and a totally fresh approach to riding Bear Mountain from Jay Hergert:

Summer camps in full swing

By July we were pretty much getting a new summer camp edit daily. This one, featuring Spencer Schubert dong some crazy handstand boardslide thing with a snowskate was pretty out there:


We highlighted 9 and a half young snowboarders who are worth checking out


Never Not Releases begin

nike never not

Radness at HCSC: Jaeger bailey front board to backflip off

The High Cascade madness continued with this sick recap featuring Jaeger Bailey getting silly on a donkey dick rail:

Burton drop their [SNOWBOARDING] teaser (the intro was rad)

The single take intro was pretty hype and the action had us frothing:

The whole movie has now been released and you can catch the





parts at the links above.

Videograss drop their 'The Last Ones' teaser

VG failed to disappoint:


Adidas drop the first of their 'Welcome' series edits


Aussie skims 60m across a lake on a snowboard:

Scotty Vine Full Part

Scotty Vine pushed the boundaries again with another super sick full part featuring a one-foot double backflip:


Jed Anderson's Full Part from Never Not

Jed Anderson's part was easily one of the best of the year:

Halldor Helgason talks about his mindblowing roofgap backflip

Halldor's roofgap in Never Not was perhaps the defining trick we saw in 2013. Halldor took us through what he went through to put it down:

[part title="October, November, December: THE NEW SEASON BEGINS"]

By October most of the major snowboard movies were dropping or had dropped and we were getting hyped to strap on our boards again.


Euro X Games ditched

Stale Sandbech. Photo: Sami Tuoriniemi

October started off with some depressing, albeit fairly inevitable news that the entire X Games Europe venture (both winter and summer) would be ditched going forward. No more X Games Tignes, and no more summer X Games in Munich or Barcelona. Sad times for all of the action sports fans in Euroland.

The Reels Film Festival goes off in Annecy

All the riders, filmers and producers in one shot.

The annual Reels film festival in Annecy, France was another success, bringing together riders, production crews and media to celebrate snowboard filmmaking. Our French editor was on hand to report back on the nominees, winners and essential movies of the season.

Shaun White fuck-fest on the internet

Shaun White private halfpipe Perisher

Avalanche Sharks

This teaser dropped...

Kas Lemmens wins Frontline Railjam, Len Jørgensen wins Protest Rock a Rail

rocka rail fr

We Stream Jake Blauvelt's Naturally for 72 hours


Signal help us celebrate Oktoberfest

Being based in Munich, Oktoberfest is a pretty big deal. We were hyped to see that Signal Snowboards were down with the program by building an epic beer bong snowboard and testing it out at the festval:

Dillon Ojo Full Part

Young Canadian rider Dillon Ojo caught our attention with his super tech, hammer filled full part from Nowamean's Bangarang:

Never Not part 2

The full Never Not part 2 movie featuring behind the scenes shots from Nike's team movie, beautiful cinematography and insightful commentary from the pros dropped online and is well worth a watch:

Hintertux/Stubai Zoo/Glacier Openings

Georg Huber. Photo: Thomas Copsey

We got our shred on! Big up Hintertux, Stubai and everyone involved for putting us up and showing us a good time.

Gigi Rüf full part

Just watch it if you haven't yet:


The Sochi Staff uniforms almost blind us:


Frank April's amazing Deja Vu part drops:

Anna Gasser chucks a sick cab double underflip

Such a boss:

Our most viewed full part of the year drops

Scott Stevens devours everything:

The Helgasons release their latest masterpiece DTF:

Postland's Periscoping Premiere's online

Sick movie from flatland's finest:

burn #RideAgain interactive movie goes live

A pretty unique concept all-round:

Torah Bright reveals that she's will be competing in all three Olympic disciplines


We present a beginners guide to ragdolling...

eric jackson ragdoll

... and 11 things snowboarders do that regular people don't understand


Nike launch a pair of LED snowboard boots


Daniel Moesl does a 'Christ Flip'

Rome round off their 12 Months series with a bang

Len Jorgensen and Ozzy Henning KILL IT:

We kick off our Top to Bottom Series

Len Jørgensen gets the honour of the first edit!

Jake Blauvelt's Naturally Web Series kicks off:

Torstein announces he's ready to shred again


We launch our annual Dragon Design competition


Tim Humpreys drops another banger POV edit

Sven Thorgren bosses the Air & Style Beijing with a backside 1440

air style

Elias Elhardt's Pirates full part drops and blows minds

That cab 1 front 1...

Greg Bretz beats Shaun White at the Dew Tour

dew tour superpipe podium

Some dude totally fails at a roofgap


Scott Stevens full Videograss part drops

So sick:

RK1 drop a near perfect park edit:

A video of Shaun White stomping a front 1440 double in the pipe drops

...AND that's it that's all folks! If you've made it this far it's time to shutdown the laptop, go grab a beer and celebrate 2014. 2013 has been a banger but we've got a feeling 2014 is gonna smash it out the park.

Happy new year from the whole crew at Onboard Mag and here's to snowboarding!