Photo: Elm Company Headwear

This week, we draw back our editorial arm and hit German freestyle queen Silvia Mittermüller with Six of the Best.

Six Of The Best...

…Spots to shred - Keystone - Breckenridge - Copper Mountain - Whistler Summercamp - Hintertux - Dachstein

…Riders of all time - Terje Håkonsen - Tara Dakides - Shaun White - Travis Rice - Peter Line - Nicola Thost

…Experiences on your snowboard - Landing my first frontside 3s in Ruka – after falling on my ass for over 1 whole year! - Kisses on the T bar lift. - Highest ollie contest in China. - Discovering that the stories about Japanese tree runs with 1 meter of snow are true. - Knocking myself out with some memory loss while just going down a slope. - Pee-ing in the forest without unstrapping your snowboard.

…Things you always take on the mountain - Music - Mini-tool - Chapstick - Chewing gum - Bottle of water - Mini hairbrush

…Films ever - City of God - Big Fish - Blood Diamond - Blow - Der Krieger und die Kaiserin - Or was this about snowboard movies?

…Hangover cures - Eating pasta when you get home at 4am - Drinking a ton a of water when you get home at 4am - Sleeping - Pasta for breakfast - Drinking another ton of water - Sleeping more after breakfast

…Tricks - Frontside spins with tailgrabs - (sw) nosepress (sw) bs180s anywhere - (sw) bs 180s without grabs - Alley-oop spins in the pipe - Euro carves - Nova’s Trick

…Ways to kill time - Learn something, use your brain - Read a good book - Sports, train, exhaust yourself and prevent getting hurt this winter - Go online and talk to your friends (emails, skype, anything but myspace) - 8 hours of sleep a night! - Actually all above I don’t do to kill time, it’s a part of my life I’d say – but if I am really trying to kill time I may paint my toenails!

…things that come with snowboarding - Independence - Having the best reason in the world to get up early in the morning - All kinds of language skills - The stoke of learning a new trick - Unexpected adventures of all kinds - Being in shape

…Places for vacation - A beach house in Brazil (hasn’t happened yet) - Paris and speak French 24-7 (summer 07) - Amsterdam by accident (a few years ago) - Low-budget Seychelles vacation with someone you love (summer 06) - With an RV through New Zealand (hasn’t happened yet) - Travel by public busses and trains all through the African continent (hasn’t happened yet, only travelled through Morocco)

…Ways to get sponsored - Right place, moment, situation - Love what you do - Focus on getting better not on getting sponsored - Ride as much as you can - If you have a lack of skills you will need an image at least - Have your mum pay your lift tickets

…Groms to watch out for - Jamie Anderson (already so established but still kind of a grom). - Marco Smolla (especially if you’re female and over 30 years old). - Fips Strauss (especially if you’re blond and around 25 years old). - Tobi Strauss (especially if Fips already scored that night). - Ethan Morgan (the first on this list I’d really call a grom). - This little kid from the Summit team in Breck whose name I don’t know but did the sweetest cab 7s all last winter.

Name: Silvia Mittermüller Age: 24 Date of Birth: 8.8.1983 Nationality: German Hometown: Munich Sponsors: Oakley, Vans, Elm, Purl, Planet Sports, Grenade Board of Choice: not longer than 151 and really, really soft Boots: Vans Omni (I love Boa!) Bindings: Yes please! Outerwear: Oakley Goggles: Oakley