Age: 19

Nationality: Swiss

Discipline: Freestyle

Sponsors: Palmer, Smith, Planet Earth, Flux Bindings

Since when in the business: 4 years

Favourite resort: Flims, Laax, Falerna

Stance: Darkstance +15 / –15

Contest results: 7th at the European Masters, 5th at the Junior Open in Laax5

Favourite trick and why: Chukflip – very chilled out

Worst injury: Broke an arm three times

Music taste: Hip-hop

Hobbies: Volga, skateboarding, wakeboarding, cliff jumping

Character: Charming

Sandro Häfliger earned his place in the Talent section of Onboard by busting huge straight airs in the Laax pipe at the Onboard/Nitro Week and with his mastery of the parks various rails.

His history is that of a true sports jock: at the tender age of five he was already playing ice hockey. He carried on slicing up the ice and invariably his opponents until he was 14 while still finding time to pursue football. This was when his sister asked him if he would fancy going snowboarding with her. He was stoked to try it out and after a couple of days he got better and better. “It was really fun and I started training really hard. Beat Decurtins, a friend I know from kindergarden, helped me to get into contests such as the Swiss Contest and some regional events."

This September he started a traineeship as a bricklayer. For the future, his plans are not too specific, except he wants to ride hard and enjoy life. He would like to thank his parents for always supporting him, and his friends: Beat, Sebi, Mo, Cedi, Bumi Brothers, Sev, Nato, Helen, Giani, Coray, Janot and many more. Special thanks of course to SMITH, PALMER, FLUX BINDINGS and PLANET EARTH. Peace.