This young buck from Kouvola, Finland rolled off the Scandi production line in 1986 and announced himself by bagging first in the rookie jam at the 2003 Malmi & Oksanen Invitational. Here’s the skinny on his riding rig. In the 104th issue we interviewed him.

Age: 22

Sponsors: Burton, Anon, Battery energy drink, Clast, KVL city

Stance: Regular/60cm/+15, -6

The Fix is pretty mellow in terms of graphics. How important is a board’s artwork for you?

For sure it’s important! I’m somehow a pretty visual person so bad colours or graphics really get on my nerves. Though the Fix is super mellow, it still works for my eye! Nice colours!

Apart from its looks, what are the Fix's other characteristics that make you want to ride it?

Oh man, it’s a really fun board to ride. It’s pretty a soft, zero camber board so the flex is really good for riding park and jibbing.

How's the funny base working?

You mean the scoop tip and tail? Dude, no more panic on sketchy takeoffs or landings. It also helps for buttering stuff in the jibworld. And that it is only in nose and tail helps you when going fast or taking on icy parks.

Do you ride a different board when you’re not in the park?

No, the Fix is good in pow as well so just grab a longer version if your heading to the backcountry. Zero camber construction helps with float! An icy pipe would probably be the biggest challenge for this soft shredweapon, so maybe think of another board if you’re a trannymaster!

How do you choose your stance? Stick ’em on as wide as it goes, or more scientific?

Hah! I’m pretty scientific, actually! I pretty much always have the same width and angles. And the nose should be about 1.5cm longer than the tail…

We see you're using the EST system. How's that working for you? Gimmick or goodness?

Goodness... cause there’s no limitations! You can get that 56.7cm stance if you want, and that setback you have always dreamed of!

What boots do you use?

Burton Ion. Because they are really light, and easy and fast to tighten.

Do you like your boots stiff or soft?

Pretty stiff, since I have loose ankles.

What outerwear are you wearing? And do you pick it because of any special features?

I ride Burton outerwear and I try to pick good and comfortable materials. I don’t like too heavy pants and jackets, so kind of the lighter and thinner the better. I think it’s easier to ride that way.

Do you wear technical base layers underneath your outerwear?

Yeah, I always have tech long johns and a long sleeve top. It really helps me stay warm and dry.

What goggles do you use? Anything particularly dope about ’em?

I use the Anon Figment. Simple, cool and good quality.

How important is safety for you? Do you wear impact protection or a helmet?

It’s important. Most of the time I use a helmet and once in a while some other impact protection depending on the thing I’m hitting. Gotta remember that I only have this one body!

Anything else you always take on the hill with you?

A big smile, you know why!