[Fridtjof Tischendorf in Iceland for the Lobster Cream Week. Photos: Viktor Hjertsson]

Coming second in the Rookie category of our European Rider of the Year Awards is this backpack-rocking Norwegian maniac who burst on to snowboarding in 2017 with the force of a Category 5 hurricane...

“I‘m Fridge’s biggest fan, he is the man! He does his own thing, has sick style, is an insane snowboarder and on top of all that he rides with his backpack, haha! Snowboarding is going to see a lot from him in the future."

- Halldor Helgason

We’d gladly exchange a thousand cookie-cutter snowboard types (be they Surly Rail Kid, Contest Robot or Wizened, Mystical Freerider) for just one more rider like Fridjtof Tischendorf. Nothing about the guy is conventional, guarded, or even remotely boring.


The Halldor comparisons are fair - both are blonde-locked hell-raisers that hail from the North, and neither let their post-session exploits, however memorable, define them. The riding comes first - and what riding it is.

“Riding in Superpark with him was next level, he always sends it."

- Ethan Morgan

The recent release of this barnstorming video part above probably did more than anything to land him such a high spot on this list, but his talent’s been known to us for a while. Two years ago he gifted us this head-scratcher of a trick that remains one of our favourite 'grams of all time, and way back in 2011 he was one of our Send Off Sessions’ MVPs at the tender age of 14.

Those only familiar with his (admittedly crazy strong) social media game might be surprised to learn how many comps Fridjtof makes it along to. He’s yet to bag Halldor-level results, but his presence is always welcome amongst the often all too po-faced field.

Then, of course, there’s the fact that he always rides with a backpack, just for the sheer why-the-fuck-not of it all. Stay cool, Fridge.