Billy Lumbergh, the first and only rider to ever get a Rome pro model, was recently fired by the SDS and he’s now rumored to be kiteboarding across Siberia.

“When I didn’t win the US Open Trampshredding Championships last year, I started drinking heavily because knew Rome was going to fire my ass," states Lumbergh. “So I decided to stop focusing on trampoline snowboarding and the tramp party scene, and follow my real passion, kiteboarding."

Chip Boomer, the reigning world champion of trampshredding, had this to say: “We’re going to miss Lumbergh on the tour—he was really pushing trampoline innovation with his rail tricks on the edge of the tramp and no one could shot-gun a Rockstar energy drink faster."

In other, more important news, with the Lumbergh Pro Model not in the line for this season, Rome got together with their real team riders and decided to create a new limited edition board—the Headroom.

Based on input from Jesse Fox, Jussi Tarvainen and Bjorn Leines, the Headroom features a shape unlike anything else in the Rome line. Utilizing the same technology package as the Agent (Impact.2 Core Matrix, StraightTriax 30 Carbon Laminate, S3 Base), the Headroom has a new true-twin geometric profile with a unique nose and tail shape. The result is buttery park performance that goes beyond the strict rail-focus of the Artifact.

The Headroom comes in a 154 and a 156, and quantities are limited in number. So check your local shred shop to see if they have any.