Romain de Marchi is simply one of the finest freestyle snowboarders to date, and one who mixes balls-out booter riding with techness, style and solid stompage. Enjoy as Romain talks you through his setup.

Sponsors? Burton, Gravis, Anon, Nixon, QWST, Fiat freestyle team, Pulp68 family

If you had space for only one board to take on a trip, which would it be? My 156 the best board I’ve ever ridden! [Developed from the ground up by Gigi, Solberg, Danny Davis and Romain, the is an all-terrain freestyle ripper that’s equipped with an Infinite Channel, improved responsiveness, Wu tip and tail kicks and a bunch of cuddly animals]

What input did you have on the series? Well, we oversee everything from the development of the board, to the graphics and colours, so basically is reflecting us.

And were the graphics your brainchild? We all work together putting ideas on the table and we come up with a graphic or a concept that we all like.

Do you usually change your board length for different conditions, and if so, what is your park board and pow machine? Still in the rage for sure for both of those riding styles. I just change the length for powder: I like to ride a 158 for that.

What is your stance? About 56cm, +18 on the front and –5 at the back.

What is so rad about riding for Burton? Well, we ride on the best boards ever built; we always have the right to say what we like and dislike; we are part of the brand; we are driving the influence in the company; we can test the new technology before anybody out there. Those are a few of why things are so good at Burton.

Which bindings do you rock? I rock the Burton C60 I think. I’m not sure… [The last word on precision performance, the C60 blends carbon fibre with nylon for the ultimate in lightweight response]

What is so good about cap-straps? Well, I didn’t like them at first but I figured out that it did lock my foot in the binding better so now I use them all the time.

Are your chosen boots stiff or soft? And do you crank up your laces or ride with them loose? I like my boots to be pretty stiff, so I go for a mid-stiffness boot like Burton’s Sabbath, and crank my laces so I can have the stiffness I want. [The Sabbath boasts heaps of cushioning, a laid-back flex and mad design features making it ideal for the likes of Romain, Gigi, Heikki and their bros]

What pants and jacket are you sporting? And are there any special features in them that particularly turn you on? I ride for the Ronin line in the Burton outerwear collection. I really like all the pieces in Ronin because it’s tech and really advanced in the shape of the clothes.

Do you layer up with technical base layers and all that jazz or just wear a hoodie and not give a damn that cotton stays wet? I wear a base layer. I have my pro model one at Burton so I’m happy about that. It’s pretty cool, we repaint my tattoos on my left arm and right leg.

Do you wear protection such as helmet or pads when snowboarding? No, but I’m thinking about maybe riding with back protection now that I have a little baby girl.

How many pairs of goggle lenses do you go through in a season? And what are your frames of choice? I ride on the Anon RDM pro model for my goggle. I think I use about 100 lenses a season, maybe.

What one thing do you really hate as far as clothing or steeze goes for snowboarders? I don’t really hate, but I will say I don’t understand because I have a different approach to snowboarding culture and I’m from an older generation than the ones now that wear tight pants and only ride street. But I respect what they are doing!