Photo: Lundström

Thomas Harstad

Age: 25

Hometown: Oslo, Norway

Filming and shooting with the Storbis crew in Europe (“a lot in Arlberg") and the States was last season’s priority for Thomas. Despite asserting that “shooting is what I like the most", he also managed to bag more than a few contests. “Contests are fun sometimes. It pushes your riding and this year I did pretty OK in all the events, so I’m happy."

What was the first board you ever owned?

My first board was a Burton Air 3.1! It was dope as hell!


Board of choice: Elan Prodigy 159 for pretty much everything (in the picture) and Artec team 160

Boot of choice: ThirtyTwo 306

Binding of Choice:Drake F60

Goggle of choice: Spy Soldier

Stance, width, angles: Regular, 63cm, front +18° / back –12°

Sponsors: O’Neill, Elan-Artec, ThirtyTwo, Etnies, Spy, Level, Drake, Bakoda

What's so special about the board you ride?

My board has a lot of pop, a good sidecut, and it’s not too stiff. That makes it snappy and fun to ride in parks, rails and powder.

What about your boots?

I like them pretty stiff, which makes them safer for my ankles and gives me good support on landings. Stiff boots also hold up for the whole season, then I don’t have to change boots mid-season. ThirtyTwo boots I can use for the whole season! The 306 model is stiff and super light!

What do you look for in your bindings?

The bindings need to be comfortable on the foot, not too stiff and not too soft. The ankle strap needs to give a good support at the same time as being not too stiff. Highbacks have to be high enough and shaped so they feel good on the boot.

What's so dope about the outerwear you're rocking?

My clothing setup is from the new line O’Neill are working on. We’ve changed the sizing on the clothes, so they’re now baggier and have a lot of features that are good for freestyle riding. It’s really functional with all the vents, waterproof material and snow stoppers. I like the clothes to be not that thick, just waterproof, so I can adjust the warmth by layering depending on the outside temperature.

What one other item do you always go riding with?

My cellphone and wallet! A cellphone is really important sometimes, especially if something goes wrong in the backcountry so you can call for medical help. One more thing: when you plan to go into the backcountry, make sure to have some extra money to buy avalanche safety equipment – BEEPER, PROBE, SHOVEL!