This mellow French ripper has been keeping it real in the most real way you can – letting your riding do the talking. We caught up with Remi after a Hintertux session and got the lowdown on his riding rig and disco pants.

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You ride the Smoke, right? Why did you pick that specific board from the NDK range, and how does it fit to your style of riding? Yes, I ride the Smoke. To be honest at the beginning I took it because I liked the design. I know this board, hopefully: I have ridden it for a long time. It’s a good board to ride powder, it’s stiff enough but not too stiff. I can ride it on everything besides rails. The flex helps me to land in parks and powder.

Do you use that for everything, or do you like get on a swallow tail for powder and a tray for jibbing? As I told you, I use another board to ride rails: I ride the NDK Advanced. It’s softer, therefore easier for rails: it’s more like a skateboard. I use the 152cm. I want to try to ride powder with a swallow one day, it would be so funny.

What about your bindings? Which ones do you use and are you fussy about flex and cushioning or do you just take whatever’s there in the warehouse? I ride the NDK Addicts. Those are the best for me in the warehouse, ha ha! I’m fussy, I spend a lot of time tuning them. Now I know what I have to do, I’m faster.

Forward lean or not? Not at all. I put it totally to the back. I prefer to feel my legs straight.

How wide is your stance, and how do you choose it? Just whack them on or measure to precision? I know that I ride with +12/–9 angles. I’ve had the same stance for a long time ago so I know exactly where I have to put my bindings. But since you’ve asked me, I’m going to check on my board right now… so, my stance is about 58cm. Thanks! Now I know, I’ve got to remember it!

Are those the 32 Ultralights you are wearing? We’re sure we’ve had heavier skate shoes. Apart from weighing nothing, what else about them do you like? I prefer soft boots. I like the 32 Ultralight because it’s got a rather soft flex laterally and forwards, but not on the back. It’s just soft how I like, but as you said, the best thing is the crazy weight.

Do you crank your boots super tight or do you have them a bit more easy style? I’m more easy style. Like I said, I like soft boots. It’s easier for some tricks. But I crank them more tightly when I ride some big kickers.

Rip Curl’s outerwear is looking pretty strong now. What kind of features do you like about your jacket and pants? First of all, I like the Rip Curl stuff because the cut is really good. It’s not too baggy and I also don’t need to wear some XXL to feel good in. Also, there are just pockets that I need for my goggles, my gloves, etc. I don’t like stuff that is too complicated. But for me the best feature is that this stuff is very light and warm too. That’s my priority.

How well do they keep the wetness out? Very well. A piece of evidence is that I don’t use a first layer.

Do you ever go for a down jacket on cold days or when you’re feeling gangsta, or is it layering all the way? It’s true that a puffy one is pleasant when it’s cold but riding with it is often awkward.

Do you have any input in the design? I just send them some feedback about my feelings and stuff. I used to go to the sales meeting twice a year to speak with designers. They’re listening to me.

What’s good about your Dragons? How is the field of view and the fit of the ones you use? The Dragon DX isn’t too big, just big enough to have a good field of view. I like this model because it’s not got too many things on. It’s just a white frame with a gold logo. I don’t need more to have anything more fancy.

We’ve had punk, tweed, plaid, camo, neon… what do you tip to be the next fashion trend in snowboarding? Fluro is back this year. For the future, I don’t know if I hope it, but I think disco style (like Saturday Night Fever with Travolta) will come soon. I mean we have some tight pants already, the future could be some flares and afro cut hair. If you’ve seen the movie Detroit Rock City, disco and rockers hate each other, so we can imagine a war between snowboarders in the future, ha ha!