This week's P.O.W. comes from the bad boys at Bataleon Snowboards - the all singing, all dancing, all conquering, all awesome Whatever. Read on for the 101...



Available lengths: 150, 153, 156, 158W, 159

Tested length: 153

Bataleon have made a name for themselves thanks to their pretty much exclusive Triple Base Technology (you can also now get TBT on the Helgason's Lobster boards) and if you need us to explain what that's all about... then there is no hope for you. Ok, here's the lowdown on Bataleon's TBT for those of you who saw a Shaun White video game and think snowboarding is now real cool.

Now you know the skinny on TBT, let's look at the Whatever. Beneath the blobs of colour lies a deck that's been engineered to let you have as much fun as possible on any terrain, in any conditions. It's called Whatever for a reason - the board's directional twin shape and a flex that's a tiny bit stiffer than middle-of-the-road screams versatility for riders from beginner to advanced. And when you figure in the precision thrown your way by the Lightning Edges, the liveliness from enhanced TBT Power Pop and a durable extruded base then you know you're looking at an all-rounder with solid performance. Of course, it won't jib as well as a jib board or rip pow lines like a swallow tail, but if you're after something to do it all this could well be your cup o' tea.

This is what our Finnish intern made of it "Slightly stiffer than the more jib-orientated Disaster, this board felt like a better all-round package. Poppy, quick edge-to-edge and good edge hold, this is a light and responsive fun ride for doing, as they say, whatever."

If this all sounds like your kind of weapon, you'll be stoked to know the price is pretty sweet too..