Peep more of the videos from this year that the machine tells us you gravitated towards most. In this installment, a skier uses up the allotment of nine lives allocated to China and, unsurprisingly, there's another entry for The Art of Flight...

Grab yourself a brandy and reminisce on these couple of clips before chowing down on the bird.

8th - Near Death: Skier Falls Off Cliff

While we like nothing more than mocking our tall-teed doppelplankers, when we saw this and witnessed the full horror of what happened we were more than stoked the guy seemed Ok at the end. Jeez, imagine the tug in your gut. Oof.

7th - The Art of Flight Teaser 2: Very Metal

Unsurprisingly in 7th place is another clip dealing with The Art of Flight, this time it's their second teaser. And as they did with That's It, That's All, Brain Farm followed up their first tickler with a subsequent one with a Metal soundtrack that spiked the internet back in July. Raar.

Places 6 - 5 drop in a couple days, so swing back then.