Our salutation to our most popular video clips of 2011 continues with numbers 6 and 5. Today we have another member of the triple cork club and an office favourite - an awesomely creative snowpark. Have a look.

6th - World's First Switch Backside 1440 Triple Cork

The exclusive Triple Cork Club found itself a new member back in April as young Swiss buck Pat Burgener manned up and, rather than follow in the footsteps of Mark McMorris and Seb Toutant (who'd earlier but down back triple 14s) sent one switch. Impressive spinnery.

5th - The Funnest Looking Snowboard Park Ever

We don't need to write many words here. Look at it. Just LOOK at it. That thing looks so fun, and you guys thought so too. Posted at the end of February, this had y'all hyped enough to land it in 5th place.

4 and 3 drop in a couple days.