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We've been captioning away our latest print issue here at Onboard HQ and we got into a bit of a heated debate on what the exact definition of a kink in a handrail is.

Now, our homies across the pond at Yobeat recently posted an interesting piece looking at the very same issue. By their thinking, well, their slightly strange (in a semi good way), weed-loving dude Stan's thinking, down flat rails don't count as kinks - only down flat kinks do.

The thing is, some of us here in the office are still of the train of thought that when any kind of kink is part of a multi-kink rail, it should be counted. Take a standard down-flat-down rail for example. One kink or two? The 'kink purists' would say it only has one but the number of times we see them labelled as double kinks is misleading as hell.

What do you base your 'kink count' on exactly? The number of acute angles? The number of actute and obtuse angles? The number of down sections on the rail? The number of flat sections of the rail? A combination of the above?

Coming from a democratic society and all that, we thought the only just way to solve all this would be to ask you, the snowboarding public to help us figure it all out.

So, here's a quick poll to get things started:

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Next, have a look at the images over the next few pages and register your vote in the poll below each one. We'll summarise the results and hopefully come to a unanimous decision in a week's time...

And if you really couldn't give a flying capuchin monkey, at least there are some kinky pictures to look at (sorry, couldn't resist that one).

[part title='Rail Number 1 - Erik Botner']


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[part title='Rail Number 2 - Jared Jordan']

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[part title='Rail Number 3 - Jesse Paul']

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[part title='Rail Number 4 - Jamie Nicholls']

Photo: Cyril Müller

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Come back in a week's time where we'll do an in-depth analysis on the results with scatter graphs, pie charts and exploded infographics. Or something.