Pierre Rué is a 14-year-old French kid who grew up in the foothills of the Pyrenees, in Lourdes. And as miracles are known to take place in Lourdes, so Pierre was born with a special gift for snowboarding, picking it up at the age of 8. Raised under the wing of talented riders such as Florent Marot, Pierre was thrown straight into the deep end and soon landed several sponsorships. Apo, Rip Curl, Deeluxe and Magic Potion are the brands that continue to support him today, helping him progress his skills day-in day-out. But snowboarding isn’t his only talent: he’s also a fervent skateboarder and surfer, like many of his contemporary riders from the Pyrenees. Skateboarding is what he likes to do most when the winter season is over. Oh, and going to school in Lourdes too, of course. Finally, in our Rookie write-ups we always say “keep an eye out for this guy". Well, there you go, I’m not going to say it again.

Name: Pierre Rué

Age: 14 years old

Crew: the F**k star crew!

Favourite spot: St Lary, Les 2 Alpes, Luz Ardiden

Sponsors: Apo, Rip curl, Deeluxe, Magic Potion

Regular or goofy: Regular

Stance: front +12, back –9

Favourite board: Selekta 49 and Talent 47

Contest results: 3rd place in Junior French Championships and winner of the Pyrenees Freestye tour.

Best moment: a skate trip with my dad to Barcelona.

Worst moment: the day I nearly froze my finger off on the Mayrhofen glacier. It was a crazy minus 30 degrees and not a lot of fun.

Favourite trick: Cab 540, and backside lipslide.

Music: gangster rap, disco, and a few songs off snowboard videos.

Favourite rider: JP Solberg, Stevie Hell, Tomi Ylianttila and Aaron Bitner.

“Pierre is the kind of guy you always feel like hitting ’cause he’s always so hyperactive. He talks non-stop and is always up to something. And if you tell him to shut he’ll just start talking to himself. He asks stupid questions, traumatises everyone he bumps into… in short, he never slows down. But during a trip to Austria, the whole team had their revenge during a crazy week of partying. We woke the guy up at 2 in the morning, banging saucepans and screaming. He was so scared he threw a tantrum and was completely lost for about 10 minutes.

During our road trip to Austria, the guy managed to get frostbite in one of his fingers. Once back home, his mum took him to the hospital. “You were lucky, one more day and we would have had to cut your finger off. You’re going to have to go easy on the snowboarding for 3 weeks", said the doctor, to which Pierre replied, “Are you sure you wouldn’t prefer to just cut it off? Holidays start tomorrow!"

In short, he’s young and carefree, but if you happen to bump into this kid one day, don’t feel bad about playing pranks on the guy because if the opportunity arises he won’t think twice!" - Florent Marot

Photos by Scalp